End-of-year crime update

I was at a New Year’s party this week. Though it’s hazy now, I think I remember my neighbour talking about the things she likes, and dislikes, about Weston. I think she said crime was the thing she hated most.

I told her—loudly, I’m sure—that crime was down. DOWN. Crime all around the city is down too, and you live in the safest city in North America.

Murder rates are a terrible measure of crime, but dead bodies are easy to keep track of, so every statistician uses them. According to the police, there were three murders in 12 Division, an area of about 100,000 people, last year (I counted 4). That makes our neighbourhood safer than every major city in the US. Only Montreal, Vancouver, and, of course, Toronto are our peers in North America.

There was one murder in Weston last year.  If Weston were a city, it would be as bloody and crime-ridden as Wichita. Or Charlotte. Or Denver—i.e. it wouldn’t be bloody at all.

Since you are extremely unlikely to be murdered, you should care much more about other kinds of crime. 12 Division had about 200 burglaries last year. No American city comes close to our low rate of crime and almost every city has more than twice as many burglaries.  A nice town like Portland has three times as many. Cleveland has 10 times as many.

There were about 150 robberies in 12 Division in 2013. Unsurprisingly, a lot of Texan towns have fewer robberies than we do. (Perhaps if we were better armed, the thugs would let us be.) Still, our robbery rates would put us in the best fifth of American cities, and we don’t have to have shootouts at noon.

D12 crime indicators
D12 crime indicators

It was, all in all, a very good year for law-abiding people in Toronto and in Weston. Get the word out.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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