School report cards

The EQAO results for Weston elementary schools have been released. In short: Pelmo and Weston Memorial are not doing as well as they should. CR Marchant is making huge improvements.  HJ Alexander continues to crush the competition.

HJ Alexander has long been a strong performer, even though over the past few years its mathematics score has declined and its reading score has stagnated. Still, it remains at the board average for reading, and well above it for writing. It is below it, however, for math.

Pelmo has not been doing well. It is far below average in reading, math and writing, and it is not improving. This is the second year of decline in writing and the fourth year of decline in math. (Reading scores have been up and down.)

Weston Memorial used to score well above the board and province averages, but it has declined considerably over the past few years:

  • Reading is down from 72 to 62.
  • Writing is down from a high of 88 to 70.
  • Math is down from 79 to 66.

Compounding this decline, the provincial and board averages in reading and writing have been improving year after year.

When the elementary school students graduate, they go to CR Marchant. CR used to be far below average—in 2009 it did very poorly in all areas of evaluation. Since then, though, it has improved enormously in reading and writing (it has stagnated in math).

Marchant over time

While CR is still behind, it is catching up in reading and writing. It has made strong, consistent gains for four years in a row, and it is now within striking distance of the average. In math, however, it needs improvement.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Thanks for sifting through the data and doing the comparisons with past performances. Worrying losses in reading and writing, but overall our schools merit congratulation!

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