Etobicoke-York Council considering future of Swanek Park

The first political shots have been fired in the battle over Swanek Park. Etobicoke-York City Council will today vote on whether it should officially disapprove of moving St John the Evangelist into the park.

The Toronto District Catholic School Board would like to move the over-crowded school to Swanek because the current location is small, lacks green space, and is close to the train tracks.

At least 4 houses would have to be demolished, but Nunziata says the “TCDSB have stated that if the school were to be built on this parkland, many, if not all of the 33 houses immediately surrounding the park would have to be acquired or, if necessary, expropriated.”

The local council will consider two of Nunziata’s recommendations: whether to not support the conversion of Swanek Park, and whether to direct the city to consider adding Swanek Park to the inventory of heritage properties.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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11 years ago

Since I heard about this issue last week, the rumours flying about the neighbourhood were filled with misinformation and ridiculous statements. A little bit of internet research and a couple of phone calls led me to the correct information. I wish more people would do that than speculate and spread misinformation.

People have obviously forgotten that it was Nunziata that rang the alarm bell when past Metro and York politicians tried to sell a chunk of Fairbank Park to a developer. What Nunziata has done with her requested motion(s) was a pre-emptive strike against the TCDSB. The adopted motion at Community Council should send the message to the TCDSB to go back and look for a new site.

Given this is an election year, those at the TCDSB have probably helped Nunziata to retain her seat at City Council.