Express bus service improvements (eventually)

The TTC Board approved express-bus service-improvements that will help Weston and Mount Dennis in its meeting yesterday. There are only two problems: it will be several years until they happen, and there is no money to pay for them.

Among many other changes announced in the plan, there are three benefits for York South–Weston: Jane Street will get longer, articulated buses to serve the city’s busiest express route, and Lawrence Ave and Weston Rd will both get new express services running in the morning and afternoon peak periods.

City-wide, the service improvements will cost $34 million, plus $13 million a year. The TTC says it will be excellent value, however, because it will reduce travel times.

If the money can be found, the Jane and Lawrence West routes could see changes by 2020; Weston Road will take until 2021.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.