UP Express ridership zooms 20%

Anyone who has travelled on the UP Express recently will know that since fares were reduced, the train has been wildly popular; not only with airline passengers but also with commuters and people moving between the stations of Pearson, Weston, Bloor and Union.

Fares dropped to their current levels in March 2016 and by July of that year, monthly ridership had increased from a low of 60,000 in February 2016 to about 250,000. Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins tweeted today that in July 2017, ridership was over 300,000 for that month. While this might be a reflection of tourist numbers, it’s still a good sign and a great perk of living in Weston.


2 thoughts on “UP Express ridership zooms 20%”

  1. You’d think they’d run 3 car trains in busy times but still mostly 2 car and jammed full to baseball games and back. Same in morning rush.

  2. No room to add more train cars. They should of just used GO Trains…..total waste of money. Done nothing for Weston.

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