Eyesores may be demolished to make room for apartments

Two of the ugliest eyesores in Weston are edging closer to demolition. Builders have applied to the city for permission to demolish the two abandoned houses around 2272 Weston Rd to construct a 12-storey apartment building with 121 units.

The houses on site have been abandoned for many years–at least 5, and likely many more. 

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Eyesores may be demolished to make room for apartments”

  1. Just wondering, as both houses look to be at least 100 years old (the one on the right probably 120-130), is anything going to be salvaged before they’re demolished?

  2. If this seems an eyesore, wait until there’s yet another apartment building along Weston Rd., the bleakest walkway in the world!

  3. i guarantee that the apartment building that will be constructed will be more of an eyesore than these two structures. the last thing weston road needs is more low income rental housing. there is an extremely unhealthy ratio of poverty to wealth going on. the way to revitalize the weston road strip is to attract more higher income earners by building some stylish condos instead of rental units and the rental units we have need to be brought up to higher standards. but unfortunately, because of the poor condition of the apartment buildings in weston, developers are not going to waste their money in such act of charity for the vitality of the area, they are going to build cheap because they see it as the least risky type of investment.

    it’s a safe bet to say that alot of people who live on weston road don’t want to be there but rather HAVE to be there. most people i talk to are afraid of walking down weston road in the day, never mind the night. it’s a sad state of affairs and if we don’t engage in better urban planning, it’s only going to get worse.

  4. I remember when I was young on Halloween days and used to pass by these homes thinking maybe they were haunted.

  5. Then I hope when it comes time for the public meetings to discuss what is going there and the streetscaping, that lots of people come out to make sure the developers build something worthy of being there. If nobody comes or says anything, that is seen as tacit approval of what has been designed.

    Start calling the Councillor’s office to find out when the meeting will take place.

  6. I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am that these 2 abandoned houses may finally be torn down. I dont however agree with building another high rise apartment. I think weston rd has more than its fair share of low income apartments, most of which i find to be in bad shape. Some of them eye sores themselves. I purchased one of those new townhomes at weston rd and church st a couple of years ago. I am pleased with the purchase of my home. I am middle class and wish that there was more “desirable’ dwellings located along weston rd to attract morse higher income people into the area, therefore we would have the possibility of seeing more high end shops etc to cater to the middle class ad hopefully revitalizing this strip. I am sick tired of seeing , bars, check cashing stores etc on this strip. There is also an abandoned THE BEER STORE at weston rd near king st. that has been closed for several years and is also run down and in a total state of disrepair? whats going on with that bulding? also we recently had our canada post building at Weston, and king st closed down will it also stay closed for years as well? I think these two abandoned homes should be demolished yes, however I would replace them with a nice low rise condo, or lofts or build a couple of executive Townhomes, or semi detached houses on the site.

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