Farmers Market officially opens Saturday

Grandpa Ken checks on a couple of customers at last year’s market.

Weston’s 39 year-old farmers market will officially open its 2018 season this Saturday and there will be a few extras to the usual vendor displays. Toronto Police and Fire will be on hand as well as live music and drummers. This is the last year that the market will be operating at the UP Express parking lot on Weston Road as it will move to its new home on John Street next year.

The market’s hours are 7 am until 2 pm but this Saturday’s ‘extras’ will happen between 9 am and 1:30 pm.

8 thoughts on “Farmers Market officially opens Saturday”

  1. Hi Adam,

    I am a concerned customer… reaching out to you for the third time. Hoping someone with a bigger voice than me can help the market grow into a respected farmers market. Help the area Ive lived in for decades grow. Lets start change.

    A “FARMERS MARKET” requires 51% farmers. Selling 65% of their own produce. Its more like a flea market. Do your research people deserve to know the truth. In Ontario FARMERS must state where the produce is grown in. If you are a farmer selling produce, honey, maple syrup or eggs even smoke meats and claim to be a farmer or your product comes from a farm… your product must have be displayed where the product is grown or harvested in.

    Customers should know the truth. Lets talk about the truth behind the scam of farmers markets. Lets not let sonority of old vendors have the rights to sell fake local produce. Lets start a market where customers can truly buy local produce. The whole point of a farmers market is to support local business and farmers and support the Canadian economy. Give a chance to farmers from our GTA to sell their produce not for fake farmers to refill their trucks at the Ontario Food terminal and resell it to customers passing it off as fresh local produce. The market turns 39 years old and the longest running farmers market there is… Don’t you feel like its time for change, the customers deserve to know the truth.

    The company I use to work for CBC has broken the ice. I would hate for my area to go down just like Peterborough is right now.

    1. Hello Annon,
      I wrote this one so I’ll respond from a layperson’s perspective. I’ve also forwarded your letters to the Weston BIA for comments.

      There is a good number of Weston Farmers Market traders who actually make their own product. Since there aren’t that many farms in Weston, or even Toronto any more it’s probably not cheating if people bring produce from outside of Toronto to the market. In fact Joe Gaeta comes up each Saturday from Grimsby and everything he sells is produced there. People come from as far away as Barrie to buy Joe’s produce at Weston. I don’t believe that Grandpa Ken grows his own hogs but many flock to the market just for him.
      Obviously people selling oranges at WFM didn’t grow them here and most customers understand that. I like your point about traders indicating what they are about but I believe that most people can spot a Food Terminal reseller – especially now that the CBC has educated people.

  2. Please, Weston Farmers’ Market advertised on plastic signs all over Weston as situated on Weston RAOD is embarrassing.

    Who is in charge of advertising? Let’s not look so stupid.

    1. Its a new change with the new farmers market manager. I believe the guys posted about her in the start of the market…. Its humiliating and they are all over weston. I just laugh when I see them up. Its funny the Weston BIA posted the video on instagram showing off the new signs and got over 50 hits and not once person commented… Debating if I should bring it up at the grand opening tomorrow or see how long it takes for the BIA to realize their mistakes. Like come on my son is 7 and he even laughs at the sign. At first he’s like ” Daddy why is road spelt weird “

      1. Thank you, duly noted. This is Jennifer, the new, Weston Farmers’ Market Manager. I take full onus for this error. I will see to the signage, Saturday, June 23, 2018. I trust you were able to join us for today’s Opening Day Celebrations! Onward and upwards. Thank you for your consideration. Best!

  3. Just a clarification: vendors like brothers Sam and Joe, who are considered ‘resellers’, also have contracts with actual farmers who they meet up with at the Terminal where the farmers are bringing their produce to sell. Not all their product is ‘stickered’ – I know because I asked Sam last year. Farmers cannot always go out to Markets and rely on vendors like Sam and Joe to sell the product for them. So it is from the farm, just not sold by the actual farmer. And the Gaetas don’t grow their own corn but buy from another farmer who cannot attend the market – a win-win for both Joe and his farmer friend.

    And our Market never really gets into full gear until the local crops come in which is later in June and early July. We have vendors/farmers who will bring their produce once it’s available. Also remember the season is late this year because of the weather. Peaches, etc. won’t be available until that time. Our apple guy is the farmer and his kids work with him – very nice family. The bakers do their own product. Honey person has their own hives (as far as I am aware). Thames Valley Farms are farmers. Ted Vos with eggs from his hens. Asha from Wiff (across from the Market) makes all the samosas. Perfect Blend with their coffee.

    So right now, other than the Tupperware and Grandpa Ken, most of the people there produce their product like the apples, eggs, flowers & plants, pastries, coffee, fresh strawberries today along with the onions, scapes and fresh jams, etc. Even the popcorn guy was making it fresh. And we have always had antique vendors, information booths, etc. So not sure why people are complaining. Other than the signs with the wrong spelling. We should be more concerned with why people aren’t coming to support the market. The busier it is, the more vendors will want to come… don’t you think?

    1. So you truly believe the ladies selling the cured meats really makes them on her farm? I spoke to her two weeks ago and asked for a piece in hot and she replied ” it isn’t ready yet my father hasn’t finished curing that one ” How is it possible it was ready the following week… a hard cure? I have been curing meats with my Opa ever since i was a kid. Once it is that far cured an extra week does not do much. Plus this isn’t the season to cure meats… Its also nasty that the ladies smoke in their tent well selling open food. I’ll never buy from her for that reason, yuck. Puts a new meaning to smoked meats!

      I met the Owner of Thames River i believe Rob is his name, he invited me to the farm his for Pick your own strawberries! but his melons are to die for. Although the Egg Mans eggs are not any cheaper than the stores, all eggs in Ontario are farm fresh, no matter where you buy them.

      ps: the “farmers” who sell in the Ontario Food Terminal supply to much bigger stores than a lousy farmers market. No matter where its located if you drive by in the early morning you tend to see big name brands picking up fresh produce. Where do you honestly think the produce the stores sell comes from? Obviously the same farmers who are big enough to sell at the terminal?

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