Farmers Market opens for 2019

The Weston Farmers Market opened its 40th season on a crisp and sunny morning. This year, they are located in the Weston Park Baptist Church parking lot next to the one they were in last year (UP Express). Next year they will move to the Weston Hub on John Street.

Kazro sells some lovely bling.
Grandpa Ken is wisely still in Florida but his family are serving the same delicious back bacon sandwiches.
The Organic Chef has delicious baked goods.
Kayla Jardine was doing a brisk business selling original wall plaques.
Lincoln Line Orchards is back.
Handmade jewellery from Sterling Silva.
Honey from Sunderland Hives.
Joe Gaeta (with moustache) is back!
Thames River Melons is back for another season.
The Egg Man is back.
There is music!

6 thoughts on “Farmers Market opens for 2019”

  1. Wonderful to have the market back, and some great offerings already with the promise of many more as the season goes on.
    Thanks to the organizers and vendors for their commitment!

  2. most gone before 1pm
    i encourage stand business to stay to the 2pm as advertised…we came at 1pm and only 2 stands there…in the past we spend money to support local….not too impressed this year

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