Farmers Market to delay 2020 opening

Weston Farmers Market in August 2004 at the old John Street location. (file)

Weston’s farmers market can’t catch a break.

Run by the Weston Village Business Improvement Area, the market was supposed to open in its spanking (if constrained) new Hub location on John Street in 2018 and when the site wasn’t ready, the market was able to survive thanks to the generosity of Weston Park Baptist Church. They loaned their parking lot by the UP Express station.

The new WFM space photographed last November.

The 2019 booting out of long time trader (and actual farmer) Joe Gaeta was another setback and then as luck would have it, the following week, city inspectors withdrew the Farmers Market designation because of insufficient, er, actual farmers.

Joe Gaeta at work in August 2018. (file)

In yet another blow to the WFM, the BIA announced yesterday that the market will delay its 2020 opening until Saturday, July 4 at the earliest.

From the Facebook post announcing the delay:

“On behalf of the board of the Weston Village BIA, I regret to inform you that because of Covid19,and the city’s restrictions with respect to gatherings of 5 and over, we are delaying the opening of the 2020 market to Sat, July 4th or until restrictions are lifted by the city.

The market is a wonderful community gathering place, but, right now, the health and safety of our customers, vendors and market staff are the main priority.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Stay Safe. We are all in this together!”

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2 thoughts on “Farmers Market to delay 2020 opening”

  1. Sounds like a real success story doesn’t it. Its now the Weston Flea market-nothing more nothing less. Thats the best the BIA could delvier once they’d locked egos over whose boss. In the end the community lost the only really good thinh Westom Community could boast. It feels like a funeral without The Gaetas.. and the lush farmland crops they brought to us faithfully seving our community for 35+ years-is a bigger part of our community success than anything else has or will be. The deterioration of the BIA main street business’s that has now also become a ghost town with most banks left as shells has been another BIA failure. I am So tired of big Egos butting heads ruining our community when they fail to concede to the opinions of those who have an actual real track record of succeeding. They’d rather butt heads over whose boss- then succeeding and so here we are- without our real farmer and reduced to a flea market ghost town market- courtesy of our BIA. I’ve always had our farmers backs and the Market is the reason I moved here. It certainly wasnt for out Main street. Its totally frustrating, a real blow to our future as a community, a huge disappointment and loss for Weston. Quite possibly the biggest loss and major screw up to date. It is my hope The Gaetas will continue Sunday at the bustling Eglinton Market for those of us with vehiclesc who seek real Farmers and growers and markets with that designation. AND that the community will be kept informed as to where we can continue to shop with the Gaetas within a certain radius.

  2. Wow been in Weston 20years and it has gotten worse!!! The Weston BIA is a mess from what can I see, read, and hear.
    Simply terrible what has happened to the oldest farmers market in Toronto.
    So much for John St building revitalizing Weston!

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