Farmers Market to move but will Lixo?


Just a reminder to Farmers Market fans that the market will move to a new location next May until the Hub is completed. The new location will have better visibility from Weston Road and will thus attract passing traffic into the market. Whether or not the market will return to the smaller, renovated location is a matter for speculation.

The vacant property that the City has been attempting to expropriate at 14 John Street.
The property that the City wishes to expropriate at 14 John Street.

Another area of speculation is the expropriation of the adjacent property at 14 John Street which is owned by Lixo Investments Limited. Lixo did not return a call requesting what the state of negotiations is but based on a line item in the budget as well as this letter (thanks Sophia for the tip), the City seems to be anticipating that up to another million dollars may be needed to sweeten the deal.

Construction will not begin on the Hub until July at the earliest assuming everything else goes smoothly.