Farmers Market Twitter Account Hacked?

Weston Web would like to sincerely apologize for the apparently false information we gave stating that the Farmers Market will make a permanent move to the new GO Station. Apparently it’s a temporary move for two years until the new space is ready for them at the HUB. But that’s a whole other story.

According to Weston B.I.A. which runs the Farmers Market, a hacker has taken over the Farmers Market accounts and is spreading this false information. Looking at the @Weston_farmers Twitter account it seems the hacker or hackers have carefully and systematically created entries giving helpful information and photographs of the market since last October. Check for yourself – it’s a very convincing account.

Here at Weston Web we can sympathize. Many a time we must have been hacked – in fact every single story you read with an error in it is possibly the result of an evil hacker inserting false statements into our otherwise pristine and truthful copy. Adam’s story on the Farmers Market could well have been one of those occasions.

From now on, please understand that whenever you see an error in Weston Web – even a typo or missing comma, it could be the result of a hack and not our fault at all.

Incidentally, when Weston Web contacted the @weston_farmers Twitter account to ask if they were real, the response came back, “we rep the farmers and vendors of the market. We promote the vendors of the market. From farm to table and local produce.”.

Damn you hackers.

One thought on “Farmers Market Twitter Account Hacked?”

  1. Roy- I leave you with this to ponder….
    who really represents the Weston farmers market?

    the farmers and vendors that we make friends with….connect with…shop from each Saturday from Mothers Day to Halloween?

    or is it the revolving door of people who represent and organize Weston’s interests

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