Farmer’s Market will expand; cultural centre will be built on John St

Metrolinx, the City, and the Province of Ontario will cooperate to buy land on John St to build an expanded Farmer’s Market and a space for cultural activities, according to an announcement from Laura Albanese and Frances Nunziata.

According to the press release, Metrolinx will contribute to the cost of land on John St. The City will plan and build a facility to host the market and a cultural hub. A design conference held in May created goals and plans for revitalizing Weston. Residents and the organizers said the market was an important part of the community, and must be preserved.

Laura Albanese said in the press release that “Metrolinx’s latest contribution when combined with the new transit investment will create a community space that sets the stage for an arts and culture centre and Market District as part ofthe revitalization of the community.”

Frances Nuniziata told me several times that she would like to see the market moved indoors.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

9 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market will expand; cultural centre will be built on John St”

  1. This is such wonderful news! A permanent market in such a wonderful area will definitely do amazing things for the community.

  2. Sounds wonderful! I’m a newbie to the area (will be moving there very soon). How often is the Farmer’s market held?

  3. This really is great news! Other Farmer’s Markets that are year round enjoy great success and I’m glad these two ladies are pushing for the best for us. Also, the produce is delicious 😉

  4. Sounds like a broken promise, right after the next election. Why not a Community Centre???? 33 King Street could house the indoor farmers Market…..

  5. 33 King used to have a flea/farmer’s market in it in the mid/late 1980s. I remember going there and getting all sorts of neat stuff, they had a food court and everything. It was awesome

    It’s great we (as a community) got this money but what is the land going to cost? Where is the money for the buildings etc going to come from. How much more will a booth cost because of the costs?

    What about this “Arts” centre? What will it entail and give to the community and our children? Will it have art classes? Will it have a music and or cultural classes?

    Too much was left out of that little announcement.

  6. I’ve been to the Market on John St. a few times. I wasn’t impressed. Most of the items are overpriced IMO and there were few junk dealers. We don’t need a indoor Flea Market with more junk dealers. We need smaller grocery markets like some I see Bloor West & Annette&Jane Sts. Price Choppers was good place but close it. I remember as a kid shopping in the Loblaws that is now the Asian store. Too bad there isn’t enough room to have a Walmart that would great.
    And I just loved how Metrolinx & Laura Albanese is just “buttery up” what they going to do to the neighbourhood with their diesel trains&ditch tunnel with cash & promises especially so close to the election.

  7. I too remember Loblaws and Kresge’s with fondness. Shopping there was a regular Friday thing with my Gran.

    If we do get an indoor market, year round I’d like to see more farmers and less resellers.

    Last year one of the resellers had Ontario Pineapples and Ontario Bananas. I know we’ve been having hot summers but really? Hot enough to grow pineapples and bananas? I think not.

    I don’t mind the people selling items other than food because if I find it too expensive then I just don’t buy it. It would be good, if they do the indoor market (not saying it is going to be a flea market, just reminicing on the old one) I would hope that they would separate the food section from the other items.

  8. Just to comment on the Wal-Mart comment: There is already a Wal-Mart at Supercentre. Wal-Mart would kill all the small businesses nearby. That would be a terrible idea, and they are a terrible employer too. Consider watching

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