Feds give $500,000 to local organization

The federal government has given $500,000 to a local youth organization to pursue an anti-gang initiative:

Justice Minister Peter MacKay made the announcement Thursday at For Youth Initiative, the agency that will run the three-year project to reintegrate and support youth who have been involved in the criminal justice system or in gangs in Weston-Mount Dennis.

“This organization is making a real difference in the community,” MacKay said of FYI, which mentors and supports at-risk youth. “It takes leadership, commitment and tremendous personal effort.”

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Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Feds give $500,000 to local organization”

  1. Just check the history books….nope, never saw this kind of money come from Alan Tonks when he was in power……good job Mike Sullivan.

  2. Just checked the history books….nope, never saw this kind of money come from Alan Tonks when he was in power……good job Mike Sullivan.

  3. 1) What did Mike Sullivan do to get this grant? It mentions nothing of his effort, but seems he’s more critical that its “not enough”.
    2) What history books have you checked with? NDP revisionist history for dummies? Please let me know which library you got that from.

  4. Dear HAHA, please provide evidence of what Alan Tonks accomplished in 30years for Weston…and you forgot Mike is in opposition, its the oppositions role to be critical of the government of the day, but unless your a liberal like Alan, you can fall asleep while at work and do nothing more……thanks.

  5. Alittlhappy said, “congrats to Mike”. I want to know what he did to get this grant? To me, the credit seems due to the people at FYI who drafted the report, and made the Application. So lets give credit where credit is due, and not think that the Conservatives and Peter Mackay, all of a sudden listened to Mike Sullivan, and said, lets give FYI $500,000.00 because Mike Sullivan said so.

    And, by the way, all politicians across all party stripes support local community organizations and lobby at all levels to help them get grants. You want an example, LEF got lots of support from Tonks in getting new grants for program based based funding, but he did not have to go brag about it like some of the people seem to do here, in particular where Sullivan had nothing to do with it.

    You can argue about the past all you want, which many people seem to love to do. An election is coming and we will see how much love Mike gets. I’m sure his and Mulcair’s huge popularity will overwhelm any Trudeau candidate here.

  6. I totally agree, this has nothing to do with Sullivan but I’m sure him and Paul will crawl out of their office (open what, four hours a day??) to lay claim to it despite this being the first we’ve all heard of it. FYI got the grant on their own merit. Maybe Lekan should be running in Sullivan’s place, this is more money than Sullivan ever got for the area, which for the record, is zero, despite his attempts to spin any nickel spent by the Feds in his favour.

  7. Oh Eric, since you’re so provocative . . .

    Mike’s constituency office is open Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings to assist constituents. From what we’ve been told, our hours are more accessible and convenient than anything else that has been experienced by local residents previously. If you’d like assistance with your issue and can’t make it during public office hours, contact us and make an appointment: 416-656-2526. We look forward to seeing you.

    As for the FYI grant, Lekan and his staff deserve much credit for their work. For people living in Ward 12, he’s running for council.

    Cheers to one and all this fine Saturday morning.

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