Feedback on maintenance yard needed.

Here is a conceptual view of the TTC rail yard slated to occupy the Kodak Lands site.

The original Kodak building will be preserved on the site.

Next to the site is a proposed bus terminal to serve as a transportation hub.

The bus terminal, rail tracks and Eglinton Crosstown LRT all converge here.

Conspiracy theorists have said that the junction of the GO train line / Airport Link with the Eglinton Crosstown LRT in combination with the bus terminal plans will mean that Weston Station will be temporary. They think that the ultimate plan is to build a GO station in this location and render Weston Station unnecessary.

This would be even more outrageous than claiming that electrification of the Kitchener rail line / ARL has to wait for an environmental assessment.

Residents are invited to comment on the whole document but (sorry for the late notice) get your skates on. Feedback is required by July 10.


5 thoughts on “Feedback on maintenance yard needed.”

  1. I see they are planning to split up the Weston & Jane bus routes..What now I have change buses just to go to Bloor St. Until I actually see this LRT Crosstown train I am still convinced this just a glorified St Clair streetcar route to me. Eglinton should have been a subway along time ago.

  2. Hi Mel, the LRT will be underground for 98% of the distance from the Kodak lands to Eglinton West Subway station. So calling it a glorified St. Clair streetcar route* is wrong. And, while many will agree that Eglinton should be a subway, we can all look back and thank Mike Harris for it not being a reality. Unfortunately, until people are willing to have a grown-up discussion about proper funding for subways, LRTs, streetcars and buses, we are just going to be going in circles. And by the debate that’s being had at City Hall today, it doesn’t look like that reality is any closer.

    Also, until YSW stops electing councillors who have become far too comfortable with their jobs (*cough* DiGiorgio, Nunziata *cough*), the transit file will continue to be fumbled. It’s times like these that I am thankful that I’ve moved out of Toronto, but hopefully (and I am try to be optimistic) I can return one day and look at YSW as a place where there has been positive change.

    * St. Clair is actually a fantastic route and it’s helped with the beautification and vibrancy of a slong portion of the retail sector there. Interestingly enough, where you see the most success are in areas (ie. from Bathurst to Oakwood). where the local councillor(s) don’t shit all over the project. Yes, there were a lot of issues with the project (and I could write for days about that), but frankly, it’s made driving along St. Clair much safer and has granted good access to public transit for many along the route.

  3. A few weeks ago I took a ride on the St.Clair streetcar and it was fantastic. Not sure what all the complaints are about, but the stores were busy, people were shopping and clearly enjoying themselves. The stores are of a mixed variety, and clearly many of the shoppers were from the community, but many were not. The streetcar has done nothing but actually improved St. Clair.
    Weston Rd does not measure up to the positive activity along St. Clair. Until the Weston BIA, and local businesses actually start conducting themselves in a business fashion, Weston Rd will suffer. The so called patio on John Street is an absolute joke. The Farmers Market which I tried to attend on a regular basis is falling apart and appears to be more of a flea market and an Ontario Food Terminal branch then a Farmers Market. The ARL will do nothing to improve this community except contribute pollution. Finally, Nunziata has nothing to contribute and simply remains in power due to name recognition.
    So until people actually start caring and vote people like Nunziata out of power, attend community meetings and ask Metrolinx to electrify the ARL, nothing will change. Unfortunately the business owners on Weston Rd, well thats a different story….maybe with PM moving into the Central it will start to make a difference.

  4. In 60s they decided to get rid of streetcars north of Bloor. Rogers Rd Old Weston Rd and Weston had them. For some reason they decided to keep the streetcar on St. Clair. Who knows what would happen to our neighborhood if the streetcar was being kept here. St. Clair had good neighborhood before the right of way. St. Clair streetcar was always for the local people around there. My concern is the Eglinton LRT is really going get people stop using their cars instead. Lawrence Ave traffic is really bad. I wonder if traffic will approve Lawrence when the LRT is built. I might be wrong, but I don’t get building underground tunnel and building “subway” like stations for LRT. I saw the designs of the new LRT trains they do look like 21st century streetcars to me. And agree with the above comment that ARL/GO trains will not approve our neighborhood. No matter how many flowers Metrolinx plants!

  5. Eglinton is underground because there is no space to increase lane capacity on Eglinton. And I could be wrong on this, but I think there is some sort of plan to build the LRT tunnels and stations at subway capacity so they can it can be converted into a subway system, if capcity deems fit (don’t quote me on this, though!!).

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