Ferriera announced NDP plans for electrification of UP Express

NDP candidate Paul Ferreira explained yesterday how the NDP would pay for the electrification of the UP Express and other GO transit lines: they will sell the government’s shares in the bailed-out GM and raise corporate taxes “a modest amount”.

At the small press conference, Ferreira also said that the UP Express “should be real public transit with multiple stops, with affordable fares. [It] is ill-conceived.” Fares, while not yet announced, are expected to be more than $20 each way.

Selling the shares in GM is not an entirely new idea; the government had already said that it would sell them to pay for provincial infrastructure. The sale of the shares would raise about $1.4 billion.

The Liberals have also promised electrification, and the NDP voted down the budget in which it was included. The Liberal plan did not call for more stops, however.  The Liberals had also been filibustering a motion that would reveal how much money the line is going to lose.

Rick Ciccarelli, Paul Ferreira, and Suri Weinberg-Linsky
Rick Ciccarelli, Paul Ferreira, and Suri Weinberg-Linsky

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Ferriera announced NDP plans for electrification of UP Express”

  1. I hope Paul cleared this announcement with Andria! Last time he freelanced, Andria threw him under the bus!

  2. why is Paul bothering with this???? get out there and get the people to vote for you…..The riding is bigger then just Weston (last time Weston didn’t really help Paul either)…..get out there Paul and defeat Laura….this announcement does nothing but simply please a few and its those few that vote for you anyways……gosh, no wonder the liberals always win, they have better folks doing the communication and strategy planning!!!!

  3. No new ideas here. What a ‘news’ conference. Other peoples work presented as his ‘platform’. A true disciple of the Sullivan method here.

  4. again with this damn ARL……no one in Weston cares….if they people cared they would of voted out Laura the last time…….

  5. I care about this ….. ARL, and I’ve lived in Weston for over 30 years. I’d like to have a frequent electric train service at a reasonable fare for Weston. It takes me approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours to get downtown by TTC from any point in Weston. By GO Train, it’s approximately 20 minutes from Weston to Union. Sadly, this GO Train schedule we now have, doesn’t service us well.
    I will not vote for Ms. Albanese. If she gets elected again this time, it’s because of the ethnic vote.

  6. That’s a pretty harsh comment. People of various backgrounds right across this riding support all parties, particularly Liberals and the NDP locally. The reason I think Laura will be elected over Paul is that Wynne has taken the party significantly to the left and has encroached onto the NDP turf. Many of the unions have moved to Wynne and were telling Horvath not bring down the government. Conceivably one could argue Wynne’s roots were based on leftist ideology early on in her career which have carried through to today. I think the The Toronto Star is also going to back Wynne heavily too and give her more profile than Howvath which matters here in T.O.

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