FIFA Standards Come To Weston Lions Park

Panoramic view looking south.

Thanks to two million dollars’ worth of Federal Government infrastructure funds, Weston can now boast of a FIFA standard soccer field in Lions Park. It’s almost complete – there just remains some upgraded lighting and proper fencing to keep stray soccer and baseballs away from each other. Oh and yes, goal posts will be coming too.

View from the north-east corner.

The pitch is pool-table level. Bulldozers worked for weeks scraping, compressing and flattening the ground. As for the playing surface, gone are the days of hard bristly artificial turf when players would risk abrasions and burns whenever they slid along the ground. This new material is very soft with a layer of shredded rubber between the fibres.

Soft fibres interspersed with rubber make falling more pleasant and safer.

Lastly, you have to get down onto the surface to appreciate how soft and dry it is. The drainage is phenomenal. I was able to kneel without getting wet.

Players are looking forward  to the opening of this world-class facility in spring.

7 thoughts on “FIFA Standards Come To Weston Lions Park”

  1. This is certainly money well spent, like the world-class concrete opportunities provided nearby for skateboarding, littering and cracking bones and skulls.

    Why on earth can municipalities find money for these facilities and cut funding to food banks and outreach facilities that actually benefit the people in need in Weston, who will be struggling all winter while this field waits to be used by athletes?

    Can’t we rethink our priorities, before any more of the dwindling supply of civic dollars is spread on the ground?

  2. Thanks for your comment. It’s not paid for by the city, the money came from the Federal Government infrastructure funds. I should have included that information in the original article. I will amend the article to reflect this fact.
    That being said; there is only one taxpayer!

  3. i really love the new fifa standart stadium.
    i want to know if we have to pay to play or not?
    are we able to make tims and play in ligue?
    with respect
    416 721 0982

  4. Having common use playgrounds like this is a terrific way to build community interaction and keep people active.

    I am a big believer in the unity of sports. To all the people and associations that worked to bring this together–well done!

    Nazaar Shadir

  5. Enrik, there are community groups playing football (soccer) most evenings. The place is busy now that Spring is here.
    Nazaar, you’re right; the place is a great asset for the community.

  6. Hey Roy do you know the size of the field?
    I heard its 100 yards (North/south) from net to net. Do you know what it is from side line to side line (East/west)

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