Fight against Bill 184 has a strong local base

Local groups are a large part of the push against the Conservative government’s bill that will allow landlords to evict tenants who don’t meet the terms of rent repayment plans. The bill “would allow for landlords to cut the [Landlord Tenant Board] out of the equation and offer tenants their own repayment plan”.

The bill does not resume evictions, which have paused since the start of the COVID epidemic. It does, however, allow landlords to strike deals with tenants and could evict tenants who do either do not agree to a deal, or do not meet the terms of the deal. It also punishes landlords who act in bad faith by renovicting or forcing tenants out under the auspices of personal use.

The York South–Weston Tenant Union fought the bill before it was passed, and was part of protests downtown, along with Faisal Hassan, our MPP. They have also been organizing Weston apartment buildings at 245o–2460, and 2220-2222 Weston Rd. Chiara Padovani, a local organizer, tweeted that Starlight‘s property taxes went way down, but they still haven’t given the tenants of 2450/2460 Weston Rd their automatic rent reduction even though they’re required by law to do so.”

Marcia Stone, co-chair of the  Weston branch of ACORN, was also scheduled to speak to Toronto City Council today about the bill.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.