Fire at Plank Road building

There was a fire this week at the Plank Road building, one of Weston’s hidden gems.


CTV News has video of the fire,  though they describe the building as an “abandoned house”. That’s not accurate.

Image from Wikipedia.

The building is one of the oldest in Canada—in fact, it predates Confederation by a quarter century, and it was named for the plank road  made there that ran through Weston—part of an ingenious, if misguided, way to build roads on the cheap.

The building has, however, been abandoned for at least 20 years.

Frances Nunziata says  “I was on site during the fire and spoke to the Deputy Chief of fire to request a full report on the incident, which we expect to receive shortly. The damage was primarily contained to the interior of the Heritage designated building. Following the report, I will arrange a meeting with the city’s Preservation Services as well as the Weston Historical Society to determine how best to move forward and address the damage.”


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Fire at Plank Road building”

  1. Nunziata has been around for 30 yrs….the same three people have operated the historical society and conservation district for 20 years….the place was abandoned…its a dump… if the place was so significant why was it left to rot?? The best part…nunziata says she was on site during the fire……and??Report

    1. Bob, it’s not ‘abandoned’ nor have the ‘same 3 people run the historical society and the conservation district for 20 years’. If one is to make a comment, maybe having the facts would be better before doing so.

      The building is owned by the same family that owns the plaza. They wanted to make 2 apartments on the second floor instead of the single and the City said no due to restrictions and other issues. They could have taken the recommendations made on making it a viable building but chose to not to do so and have done the bare minimum to the building. If people have issues with how it looks or is kept, please call Property Standards or 311 to file a complaint – we have tried numerous times to work with the owners. So has the Councillor.

      The WHS and WHCD is run by volunteers. There have been many of those over the years and various people have been the President, Vice, Secretary and Treasurer. We have a Social Convenor, Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor as well as Archivists, etc. If you want to see more ‘action’ on this kind of issue, you are MOST welcome to come and join us – we always need more warm bodies to do all that we would like. Our current President as well as our Past President have been exceptional stewards of Weston’s history and they work very hard, especially over the past number of years that I have been involved, in sharing that knowledge not only within the community but outside of it going to other groups to speak. We have regular meetings that are open to both members and the public and are FREE. You might want to come sometime. We also maintain archives and an office which is open by appointment (again, we are all volunteers).

      So if you see something in YOUR community that seems off or needs attention, pick up the phone or email someone instead of making nasty comments on a blog. Seriously. Some of us actually do work hard at making Weston better and then some just complain about it. Sheesh….Report

  2. Geez I always thought it was an abandoned building. It’s quite the eye-sore.
    Mind you, I always thought it made some of the other buildings on Weston Road look good! Bob is right – if it is so important why has it been left to rot for 20 years.Report

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