First annual Griswold awards

WestonWeb is pleased to announce the first annual Clark Griswold award for Christmas decorations. The winners were chosen by an illustrious panel of judges (my kids) based on rigorous criteria (how long we’d been driving around the neighbourhood in my station wagon; the longer, the higher the ratings, in the hope I’d call it quits).

Third prize, a VHS copy of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, goes to this lovely house on Wendell. Congratulations!


Second prize, a fire-extinguisher (for the first time the fabric touches the lights) goes to this awesome house on Meadow Oak. My son loves your place. 13 inflatable Santas! With music! And synchronized lights! Think of your neighbours, man!

First prize, an all-expenses paid, one-way ambulance trip to the Church Street hospital– for when you try to get the lights down from the top of the tree with snow on the ground (no return ticket is needed, since nobody ever makes it out)–goes to my daughter’s favourite house, on Portage. I’m thinking you work for a lift company, because getting the lights to the top of that massive pine tree would have needed flying reindeer otherwise. Well done!


Congratulations to all! Readers are welcome to submit their favourites. The kids started weeping before I could finish the tour.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. The house on Portage is our favourite every year. My kids call it the gingerbread house. The tree looks beautiful.

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