Food bank report: astonishing.

Diana Stapleton, the Chair of Weston Area Emergency Support (our local food bank), sent along their annual report, which includes the span of the pandemic. It makes for both inspiring and depressing reading.

In short, COVID led to dark days for many people—and the food bank responded. Visits tripled, to 2200 a month, but nobody was turned away: “Everybody that came to get help was accommodated”, she says.

Local people and groups donated money and other support: schools, businesses, resident organizations, church and faith groups, our MP’s office, and anything-but-run-of-the-mill volunteers stepped up to help. It’s a long list of the biggest hearts in this little town.

Stapleton closes the report with this:

COVID has laid bare the inadequacy of our social support systems. Remember to talk to your local politicians and tell them you want supports that will help raise people up so they can feed themselves and their families. Supports like affordable housing, universal childcare, living wage, accessible education, and training programs. Then maybe one day we can close our food bank. Until that day, thank you to everybody for supporting WAES.

You can donate to WAES through CanadaHelps.

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Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Such an amazing and dedicated group of people, kudos to everyone who works so hard to offer food to so many people in such difficult times!

    Well worthy of support from all of us! Thank you!

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