Fool me once…

Google the phrase ‘Conservative candidates missing from debates 2011’ and you will find a veritable treasure trove of Tory candidates skipping out on debates. Here in York South Weston, Conservative candidate Jilian Saweczko, running against Sonny Day, Mike Sullivan and Alan Tonks has missed the two held so far. Either this is a brazen contempt for voters or an attempt to hide an embarrassing ineptitude at public speaking – neither of which is the hallmark of a suitable candidate.

Perhaps Conservative candidates are taking a page from the playbook of Julian Fantino who, despite a similar absence from all debates, managed to squeak into first place in a by-election held in Vaughan last year. This year, he continues to absent himself hoping to repeat his good fortune.

These two are not alone. All over the country, a disturbing number of Conservative candidates are unwilling to face the people and answer questions. In the end, it is up to voters to judge the meaning of all this but as the old saying goes; Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


2 thoughts on “Fool me once…”

  1. I emailed a question to the candidates of this riding regarding poverty and homelessness. Mr. Sullivan replied almost immediately with specific answers. Mr. Tonks also replied in very short order with answers, a little more of the broad-stroke-of-the-brush variety. Still waiting for Ms. Sawezcko’s reply. That was shortly after the election was announced.

  2. This is not surprising at all. I saw that CBC report ( and yeah it seems to true. Cons campaign seems to be just vote for Stephen Harper! Never mind the local candidates! As for our local Cons candidate, well like I say before the Cons never won in this riding chances are they will lose,, so she probably has low budget the only signs of hers I see in the riding our only in areas which are more “middle class” like Maple Leaf Drs & Culford Roads areas.

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