Ford backtracks on tracks to Weston

Rob Ford has had a change of heart about building only subways.

According to news reports, Metrolinx is negotiating with the mayor’s office to ensure that the Eglinton light rail line will be built. Toronto Life says “The line is too important to Metrolinx’s plans for the region to let die”.

The Eglinton LRT would benefit the neighbourhood in several ways. First, the TTC wanted to build a carhouse on the grounds of the old Kodak plant, which has been closed for several years. Second, the track would serve Mt Dennis at two stops: at the intersections of Eglinton with Jane and with Weston Rd. The LRT would also likely interface with the Georgetown GO line.

Mt Dennis residents have pushed for an underground station, and were supported in their action by Frances Nunziata, who said

“I think tunnelling is the best option. I know it’s going to cost more but if you’re going to do it, do it right….  We support the Eglinton line but why should everything be dumped in our community?”

Transit pundit Steve Munro concurs. He said “The section through Mt. Dennis, as currently designed, is quite intrusive.  Considering the amount we will spend on the tunnel from Black Creek to Leaside, saying that an underground route at Weston Road is “too expensive” is hard to swallow.”

The TTC had refused to build underground, but with Ford’s stated goals of building subways, and Nunziata’s new influence at City Hall, there may be new momentum.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Ford backtracks on tracks to Weston”

  1. one of the reasons we hear of why weston can’t have an underground station is that it is technically difficult to have the LRT underground where black creek is with the car yard at the kodak site. one way around this is to have the LRT at grade from the current western portal to the weston rail corridor. starting at the railway tracks, have the LRT plough underground through the hill on eglinton leading westerly to weston road and you can have an underground station at weston road. continue underground along eglinton for another 350M or so and have another portal pop up on the side of eglinton. the LRT can then continue west on the side of eglinton, also making use of the richview corridor to the airport.

  2. thanks for the kind words. this is a great website you have going here. you are doing a great service keeping weston well informed.

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