Ford drives the gravy train

Doug Ford’s government has announced plans to mess with transit in Toronto. Again.

This time, instead of as well as messing up the Scarborough subway, they’re going to mess up the Eglinton West LRT in Mount Dennis.

In a letter to the city, the province said they would like to bury the Eglinton West Extension, which will go from Mount Dennis to the airport. They also say that this had never been considered before.

This, of course, is nonsense. It’s astonishing nonsense. It’s mental. It boggles my mind to think that:

  1. The province thinks they have a great idea—bury the trains—that nobody has thought of before.
  2. They couldn’t be bothered to google to see that it’s a terrible idea—and had already been considered.

In a subsequent letter, the province said so. (They did not explain, however, how a part-time blogger knew more about transit planning than the Ministry of Transportation.)

Where this leaves us with respect to transit planning is anyone’s guess. But the Globe has a few choice things to say about the letters:

They reveal a provincial blueprint that will result in less new transit, built more slowly and more expensively.

What’s more, they suggest a provincial scheme so ill-considered it could have been developed between courses of a boozy lunch, and so thin it could fit on the back of a cocktail napkin.

What does the province want? Basically, to rip up years of Toronto Transit Commission planning and restart at zero.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Ford drives the gravy train”

  1. Eglinton West should be buried.
    Unfortunately, doing so will much much more expensive thanks to the Rob Ford years. For decades, a patch of land on the north side of Eglinton, between Islington and Martin Grove, was kept vacant and undeveloped, for the purpose of extending transit to the airport. Under Rob Ford, this land went to developers, who have now built a mix of housing.

    Now, instead of digging a trench, building and burying, the only option will be the much more expensive process of tunneling.

    Doug Ford lives just south of Eglinton in the above stated area, and I would not be surprised if he helped push for this land to go to developers back when his brother was mayor.

    Hash dealers are all about making a quick buck, and lack long term planning skills.

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