Ford not in favour of electrification

A recent circular by the Clean Train Coalition had an interesting tidbit: all the mayoral candidates, except one, have signed the “Clean Train Pledge” that calls for electrification of the Georgetown South GO line.

The Clean Train Pledge was devised by the coalition in June. It asks politicians to “call on Premier Dalton McGuinty to direct Metrolinx to electrify the Georgetown Corridor”.

The only mayoral candidate who has not signed the pledge? Rob Ford.

On the one hand, this is not surprising. Ford has been consistently in favour of automobiles, saying “it’s time to stop the war on cars”. He has also called the Transit City plan a “disaster”.

On the other hand, it is quite odd that Ford has not signed the pledge. The train will run through his former riding, Etobicoke North. Frances Nunziata is also one of his biggest boosters. It’s hard to imagine why he wouldn’t be in favour of electrification.

In September, Ford said that he wouldn’t “sign a blank cheque” for electric trains.

Pantalone has been consistently in favour of electrifying the tracks. Smitherman has signed the pledge, but has waffled somewhat, according to Now Magazine. He thinks that diesel trains may be just as clean and that electrification may not be possible before the Pan Am games in 2015.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Ford not in favour of electrification”

  1. so ford is not in favour of electrification? ford is full of it. he opposed the building of a womens shelter in his riding because apparently the community was against it. he said that it was not his personal decision but that he was acting on behalf of his constituents who preferred an old age home instead. but apparently, when it comes to trains, the interest of the constituents (and maybe soon to be other constituents) is irrelevant. what a man of consistency! i can’t believe our councillor threw her support behind this ignorant bigot, especially because this man’s plans go against the wishes of this community. i can not in good conscious vote for frances this election and you can be certain that i will not vote for the man who repeats the same stupid line over and over again as if he took a page out of a book called “propaganda for dummies”.

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