Ford says he supports clean trains

Somebody’s fudging the facts.

The Clean Train Coalition says that Rob Ford has not signed the Clean Train Pledge. Rob Ford says that he has.

In correspondence with the CTC, they said “Rob Ford has not signed to date.  He claimed
he would but has not. He has not returned calls to meet and sign either.” The Toronto Star also reported, albeit some time ago, that he was the only candidate who hadn’t. said the same thing more recently.

But an email from the Ford campaign says almost the opposite: “Rob Ford supports the Clean Train Pledge and wrote a letter to Premier McGuinty calling for electrification of the link.”

Now, his email says ‘supports’, not ‘signed’. And I did ask one, straightforward question: “Did you sign the Clean Train Pledge?” The most charitable interpretation then, may be that Ford has been to busy running his campaign to stop by the coalition’s offices to put his name in ink.

But, considering he’s a guy who ordinarily minces few words, you might expect him to just say so.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.