Ford endorses Nunziata

Mayor Rob Ford no longer has his radio show, or television show, or the support of the “biased media”¹, but he’s never allowed a little thing like support to stop him from doing whatever the id demands. So now he and his brother have taken to “the YouTube” (Doug’s words), to communicate their idea directly to their supporter.²

This week, the Fords released six videos. In one of them, Rob Ford lists the councillors he wants defeated—and the ones he thinks shouldn’t be. Frances Nunziata, our councillor, makes his short list of core supporters: she is one of only four he thinks deserves reëlection.


¹ These are Doug’s words. I know you know, but the “biased media” argument is the last refuge of a nutter. We’re witnessing the final thrashings of a man dragged into the light. Look at the backdrop of the video. It’s a wrinkly vinyl sign. My god; it’s Shakespeare. Ford had to hide under a vinyl sign in his final days—it is his family standard and his father’s blanket.  Listen to the video. They sound like they’re far away and echoey. Ford Nation is produced by Wayne’s World local access cable—if Wayne were bereft of wit and irony.

² Sons should call their mothers.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Ford endorses Nunziata”

  1. Straight shooting, gloves off, worked for every dime … don’t you love it? But sorry Adam, I couldn’t stomach it.
    Ick. And by the same token, the straight shooter they want reelected.

  2. (4:20) “These folks are in there for the job, they’re in there to feather their own nests…” Huh. And this doesn’t sound like Frances?!?!?!?!? Come on Weston – we deserve better.

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