Five more muggings last week

Westonians, it’s time to be outraged.

Last week, there were five muggings—that I know about. On Friday, there were two muggings within a block of each other, within 15 minutes, by two separate groups of thugs.  And some muggings, perhaps many, go unreported.

On Friday, a 15-year-old boy was walking in the area of Queens and Jane at around 3:15 pm, when two men blocked his path. They threatened him, assaulted him, and stole his jewelry and phone. The victim was uninjured. Police are describe both suspects as black, 19-20 years old, 6’1”-6’2”, 141-150 pounds with thin builds. One has acne and short  hair worn in a ponytail. The other has a short black afro.

A 17-year-old male was walking in the area of Maple Leaf Drive and Jane Street at around 3 pm when three male suspects approached.  They stole his phone before fleeing towards Queens Drive. Police describe the suspects as:

Suspect #1: Male black, 20 years, 6’0”, 169 pounds, thin build, brown eyes, shaved black hair.  Suspect #2: Male, black, 20 years, 5’8”, 180 pounds, muscular build, brown eyes, shaved black hair.  Suspect #3: Male, black, 19 years, 5’7”, 174 pounds, medium build, brown eyes, shaved black hair.

Last Tuesday, a 17-year-old woman reported being mugged around 10 pm at Jane and Lawrence. The suspect approached her from behind and grabbed her Blackberry. He ran westbound on Lawrence Avenue. The victim was not injured. Police are looking for a black male, 22 to 27 years, 5’10” to 5’11”, 169 to 174 pounds, medium build, black cornrow styled hair.

On Saturday, your humble correspondent’s friend was mugged in exactly the same way. The thief approached her from behind and grabbed the phone from her hand before running away.

On Monday, a boy was mugged, as we reported previously.

Demand action, Westonians.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Five more muggings last week”

  1. I want to know why the cops are doing NOTHING about the after school assaults/robberies.

    HELLO Mr. Police men! There is a PATTERN here.

    There has got to be a way (undercover perhaps) for them to catch these theiving bastards (pardon the language).

  2. This is appalling, and will continue until — when?

    Frances Nunziata is big on promises and talk, but TAVIS and all the window-dressing have obviously not made our streets any safer for walking.

    Our neighbourhood is under attack from the mess and noise and intrusion of a huge construction project which will benefit us only by adding more particulates the the air we breathe, and in the meantime we’re bombarded by attackers who, during the day, attack children and people walking — trying to avoid the driving impossibility that Weston has become.

    Ms Nunziata? Listen up!

  3. I am confused. If we have TAVIS in the area why are the crimes happenning with such frequency in the same area?

  4. TAVIS was last year’s response to street crime in Weston: it obviously had no effect on our continuing (escalating) vulnerabililty to assaults on pedestrians by disaffected violent young men.
    We deserve better, both in dealing with the crime and by preventing the circumstances — unemployment, crowded housing, lack of education — that are documented contributing factors.

  5. This is a clearly a failure of policing and lack of political will. Petty criminals have been operating in this fashion for months without fear of interception. This is what gives all of Weston a bad name. If the police took any of this seriously, there would be foot patrols and plain-clothes officers blanketing the place at appropriate times.
    My conspiratorial nature suggests that such crimes can be used to justify programs like TAVIS (which is a great gig for police). In addition, phone companies feel no compunction to have a stolen phone registry because the victim is another business opportunity. Paradoxically the expensive phone designed to keep your child safe puts them at risk.
    Lastly, we should try to remind ourselves despite the hysteria and anger that Weston is still very safe and that fear simply plays into the hands of criminals.

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