Four years!

Every week I wonder if there will be anything at all to write about. Every week there is—and yet, for four years, I’ve kept worrying.

On May 13, 2010, four years ago today, your humble correspondent wrote the first post on

A few numbers, because I find them interesting:

  • We’ve posted exactly 1400 stories in that time—if you give me a week off between Christmas and New Years, that’s one a day, every day!
  • At, very roughly, 100 words an article, Roy and I have typed 140,000 words—almost two short novels’ worth.
  • But people don’t read novels, while we get about 5000 visitors a month. It’s hard to tell exactly what that means, since I can’t figure out how many of them are unique and how many are repeat visitors, but heck, any way you cut it, it’s pretty great.
  • There are 2,875 comments on the site. Wow! Thank you for being a part of this.
  • 112,365 spam comments did not make it to the site.  Really.
  • The site has cost about $650 to run. In four years, I have made exactly $0.00 from advertising, despite my repeated attempts and fantasies of internet dozens. When I’m feeling vain (which is a often), I think that I’m doing the same kind of thing as a small town newspaper used to do. But, on the one hand, my god, has the internet ever changed things: I can ‘publish’ a ‘paper’ for $12 a month. And, on the other hand, my god, has the internet ever changed things: there’s no money community news.
  • It’s the best $650 that I’ve ever spent.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Four years!”

  1. It is exactly a small town newspaper and your efforts and Roy’s give us news, comment, an analysis, stuff to think about, background, all the kinds of things that would otherwise forgotten and missed.
    Your videos and interviews and crime reports keep us informed about the neighbourhood and a big thank you from all of us, for your investment of time and thought — and money — but even more, for thinking of this project and carrying in through with such dedication.
    Hats off!

  2. Love the website and check it regularly to get my inside scoop on the in’s and out’s of our little nook. Thanks for everything you do and keep it up!

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