Frances Nunziata calls for stricter punishment, more cops

Frances Nunziata has been making the news quite a bit this week. She has stood with Mayor Ford and called for stiffer punishments and for gun crimes, telling the Sun,

I think we wall want more officers on the street, that’s what I hear from my constituents, they’d like to see police officers everywhere, on every residential street,” Nunziata said, adding she believes sentences for gun crime need to be tougher. “I think if anybody is caught with a gun, even if it is just possession of a gun, they should be arrested immediately, they should be put in jail.

Nunziata, who also sits on the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, said that drug dealers and prostitutes should be more aggressively evicted from TCHC properties.
“I believe that we should be very aggressive — zero tolerance,” she said.“It’s not fair to tenants that are living in these buildings that have to live with this every day. They’re pleading with Toronto housing to evict these tenants and bring security in. In the past, nothing’s been done. It’s time that we did something.”
She also said that there are drug dealers and prostitutes in TCHC housing in Weston–and, ominously, that she knows where they live:

“I know all the apartment numbers of all the drug dealers and the prostitutes (in the building) but we can’t evict them,” she said.

The Ward 11, York South-Weston councillor said the process to evict a tenant “goes on and on and on.”

“We have to start evicting these tenants that are causing the problems,” she said.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.