Frances Nunziata debunks library group’s allegations

Frances Nunziata left a voicemail for me about the “Our Public Libraries” group. She says that the group is spreading “misinformation” and that “privatizing the libraries is not even on the table”.

She is in an excellent position to know; Nunziata is a close ally of Rob Ford. The KPMG report does not, as far as your humble correspondent can discern, discuss privatizing the library system, only reducing and consolidating service.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Even if they did close the Weston branch I don’t think it hurt Frances politically she wins with landslide in this ward no matter They don’t need to close Weston or Mount Dennis or any library in Northwest of the city at all. They do have look at libraries in downtown. I do think there are some libraries that do need to be look. Such as Yorkville branch which is just cross street from Yonge Bloor main library. Also I think they hire too many employees. I see alot workers just hanging around in the Weston branch. Don’t need that much workers for such a small branch. The library started putting self check out computers in many branches having that in the Weston branch would be great. Yes I think they should increase fines to $1 or more. There’s too much “missing” books out there. I think there’s is reasonable efficiencies out there that could be made.
    p.s Doug Ford should start to think before he makes dumb comments it just fuels the rhetoric

  2. In fairness to the library group, the relevant quote from the KPMG Report says, ‘The Library Services could be reduced by reducing the number of branches and/or constraining the hours of service.’
    Councillor Nunziata may wish to debunk this too as a reduction in branches and service was a major part of the groups concerns.
    As for privatization, I’d like to know who authorized the release of that trial balloon – it obviously caused an unexpected and large backlash.

    While we’re being fair, I remember Rob Ford promising that ‘services will not be cut, guaranteed’….

  3. So now Toronto is to begin the march back in time to the turn of the 19th century. The US has led the way by cutting back anything which is public and Rob Ford’s answer to Toronto’s budget woes appear to be the same.

    Public Libraries were started as a way to level the field in a democratic society. It allowed all people access to knowledge; it also provided a quiet space for people who lived in overcrowded conditions.

    As an immigrant child, one of five, Toronto’s public infrastructure of the 60s, was a life saver. The local library was a cool, quiet haven on scorching hot summer days. Librarians were a great source of information, helping students to negotiate their way through mazes of information. They provided daily story hours for children whose parents were unable to read English or too overburdened by the struggles of life to spare a whole hour for anything.

    Toronto’s Libraries was one of the public systems which helped this immigrant child reach success and become a contributing member of our city. We need to look beyond our personal needs when considering budget cuts and taxes. If all Toronto Libraries were to disappear tomorrow, it would make little difference to my life now; but I know it would impact negatively on the children of new immigrants and the working poor.

    We need to strengthen and increase the number of public facilities. Citizens of democracies should not have to depend on a cobbled, unstructured system of private charities to provide access to the necessities of life in our world. These include Libraries, the gateways to knowledge for all of us.

  4. Francis Nunziata is part of the inner circle of the hard core right wing 18th century thinkers that have infected City Hall.One of the first things that Hitler did was attack free speech buy eliminating postering on streets.He then had huge bonfires to burn up books.
    Privatizing libraries is another way that the right wingers are attempting to control the masses.They will control what books come in and out.
    The “gravy train” group will want to sell the system to Ruburt Murdock or some other neo-conservative media outlet.
    The Fords must not be allowed to touch Toronto`s Library System.

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