Frances Nunziata stands by Ford to the end

You have to give her this: she’s a woman of principle. Precisely what principle is unclear, but Nunziata had nothing to gain today from supporting Ford, and she did it nonetheless. While the rest of council—including Ford’s former allies—turned against the mayor, Frances Nunziata voted with him. It was a fruitless gesture: she, and the Fords, lost, and the Mayor was neutered.

City Council voted today to

  • Gut Rob Ford’s office. Councillors voted to take most of the money that went to the Mayor and send it to the Deputy Mayor instead.
  • Offer jobs in other departments to the Mayor’s staff
  • Give the Deputy Mayor many of the Mayor’s responsibilities

In the final votes of a very long, emotional—and undignified—session, few people stood by Ford. The closest Ford came to victory was a thrashing: a 32 to 9 vote. On every other vote, he was even more completely destroyed. Only his brother, Frances Nunziata, and Vincent Crisanti stood with him to the last. Giorgio Mammoliti was absent on principle, saying that the vote was illegal.

Nunziata said of the motions, “None of this makes any sense at all. This is very vicious, personal.” That said, her votes today were surprising. Last week, she voted to strip the mayor of some of his powers and to chastise him.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Frances Nunziata stands by Ford to the end”

  1. I do not accept her supporting a man who smoke crack and lied to everyone for 6 months about it. Nor do I support her supporting a drunk driver on our streets.
    Rob Ford wants to cry and blame evryone but himself. This is all on him and he should be a man and resign. Instead he acts like a 10 year old boy. Time to go Rob and take Frances with you

  2. Council did the right thing and unfortunately because of week municipal law that’s all they do. How can Frances support a man so delusional, angry, out of control? Fit for office? he’s not fit for any job. I hope voting no on this Frances loses the next election. Her opponents should remember her voting record! And Weston Santa parade should not invite her too!

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