Frances Nunziata to represent Rob Ford at Gay Pride celebration

Frances Nunziata, the City Councillor for Weston, will represent Mayor Rob Ford at the Gay Pride celebrations next week.

Mayor Ford is going to his cottage for weekend of the Gay Pride Parade; he has been widely condemned as a result.

Councillor Janet Davis said his absence would be “an embarrassment” while Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam called it a “grave mistake.”

“It sends the wrong message to the [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community, he has a ways to go to making amends,” said Councillor Wong-Tam, whose ward includes the gay village on Church Street. She noted that Mr. Ford never marched in the parade during his 10 years as councillor, and has argued against using city money to fund the Pride parade.

Mayor Ford has opposed city funding for any kind of parade in the past; in 2007 he opposed Pride funding because he did not think the city should support

Councillor Nunziata will be taking Ford’s place at the rainbow flag raising at City Hall on Monday.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Frances Nunziata to represent Rob Ford at Gay Pride celebration”

  1. it’s not surprising that ford won’t attend if you keep in mind some of the comments he’s made. i don’t know how or why frances is representing rob. i mean, is she going in drag dressed up as him? lol

    and is this gesture supposed to somehow help his image with the gay community?

  2. Frances & Rob are best buds. It was she I think that got Ford to attend the Santa Claus parade last year (first mayor to attend I think?) I can understand him not attending the parade on’s long weekend.(its usually weekend before). But flag raising ceremony? Come on at least he could pretend to like it.

  3. Whether he supports Gay Pride or not he should be there as Mayor…that’s part of the job to represent everyone in the community, including the gay community. You can’t pick and choose who you represent.

    I hope he changes his mind. Why can’t he go up to the cottage on Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night?

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