Fundraiser for family of murdered man

The family of Hanan Mohamed, the widow of the man murdered in Weston this week, is raising money to cover her “ongoing bills, funeral costs and care for her infant who is still requiring extra care.”

She is a hardworking, smart and quick witted young woman who was a happy wife and new mom. She recently gave birth to multiples but was only able to bring one home from the NICU just a few days ago.

As she and her husband prepared to go for their first well baby checkup at the hospital, her husband was brutally gunned down in broad daylight. By the grace of God, she and her baby are ok. We are keeping her and her late husband in our prayers.

More than $87,000 has been raised so far.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Fundraiser for family of murdered man”

  1. We have someone move into our neighbourhood, carry a gun, shoot at one another, die because that person was a target. This is clearly gang activity and you promote their Gofundme? Wow. She is not the only wife who’s suffered loss. Many others have through car accidents, terminal illness or natural causes. I don’t think promoting funding as the result of gang activity is a good thing. For anyone who thinks this was random, check your head. This was targeted. Otherwise, mom and baby would have been shot too.

    1. Very cold. If you read the story, a young mother just lost a baby and her husband, it’s natural to show compassion and we should.

    2. You are making some reckless assumptions about a victim who seems like a productive member of society, an electrician with a college education. Contrary to popular belief, every young black male who is murdered in this city didnt “deserve it”. Way too many examples in recent years for people to still talk this way.

    3. I’m sorry to hear that the pain and violence suffered by someone else seems to be a threat to you. No doubt almost everyone experiences loss, shock, and grief for various reasons during a lifetime. Whether it’s physical or social disease… it is cold and unhelpful to judge how worthy you think one person is over another to receive kindness and compassion. It’s not a competition…
      Showing caring for those left behind after murder seems like basic human decency. Demonstration of that kindness does not condone or support any wrongdoing that lead to the violence.

    4. I agree. It’s the baby really that j sympathize with. Baby is innocent. But this is almost as of the gang members family is being rewarded. You don’t have to be a detective to realize that this is gang activity i agree. Ko one is going to just get up and randomly shoot you like that.

  2. Sadly the killing was in all likelihood gang related. And it is not the first in our community. Notice the silence from Black Lives Matter? They only come out when it is non-black on black killing. ALL KILLINGS ARE BAD! Our police need to be given the tools to reign in the gangs. Our government and judiciary need to tighten up the penalties surrounding gun/gang violence. I feel sadness for this mother and her child. No one should have to watch their husband get killed in cold blood and raise a child without a father.

  3. No matter the circumstances, it is horrible that this person – any person – was murdered. It is never justified. I am proud of my neighbours and community members who choose kindness and compassion over judgement and arrogance.
    Thank you Adam for posting about how we can help.
    The roots of violence are deep and complex, and are not made better or less prevalent by shaming or ignoring.
    I hope mom and her babies have supportive friends and family around them. ♥️ Let’s be part of their support and demonstrate the good our community is capable of. Someone going through such a nightmarish time needs no less than compassion.

  4. How easy & interesting to be able to relate (somewhat) to each and everyone one of the above emotional comments – on both sides of the divide.

    The positive, the negative.

    The good choices, the bad choices & consequences.

    Bottom line:
    Oh, so regrettable, in every way, shape & form.

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