Gaeta Farms open for planting season.

Take a trip to Grimsby and on Mud Street West in a place called Grassie (really), you will find some familiar faces. Joe Gaeta who used to sell his produce at the Weston Farmers Market has a family run nursery and farm there and is now open for business with an excellent variety of vegetables, annuals and hanging baskets. Joe wasn’t there yesterday but his wife Olga and daughter Sabrina were.

Olga and Sabrina Gaeta at their family farm in Grimsby.

If the drive to Grimsby is a bit far, you’ll (hopefully soon) find Joe and his family on Saturdays at the Humber Bay Shores Farmers Market or on Sundays at the Eglinton Way BIA Farmers Market  – 125 Burnaby Boulevard (Eglinton near Bathurst).

Note that at the moment all Toronto’s farmers markets are closed – Weston’s until July 4th at the earliest.

Gaeta Farms and Greenhouses is at 174 Mud St. West, Grimsby, Ontario L0R 1M0.

3 thoughts on “Gaeta Farms open for planting season.”

  1. Thank you!! for the Update on our new Farmers Market location where Joe will be -When Covid is over and they open that will be my new Saturday mrkt- it will be so nice to see them all again and get more of those great Grimsby-grown.! My favourite is his lettuce- you can actually taste the difference in a salad. Very sad our market self destructed. Its actually a beautiful drive that way- I heard the greenhouse is amazing to see. SUPPORT FARMERS!- their veggies are freshly picked from the earth and the produce they bring in has more purity. Its important to support Ontario growers. Many markets offer food terminal produce-but Joe is the mega real farmer we were so lucky to have nearby for so many years. And worth the drive wherever he is. Maybe some residents can car pool with neighbours.

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