Gas plant details revealed

Laura Albanese has revealed a few more details about the gas plant likely to be built in the Kodak Lands. The natural gas plant will power the Eglinton LRT in emergencies, to heat the maintenance facility and to “reduce power consumption at high demand peak hours during the times of the year when Toronto Hydro is close to capacity.”¹

The power station will be 18 megawatts–“relatively small” according to Metrolinx. Your correspondent supposes that “relatively” is relative. An 18 MW station is enough to power about 14,000 homes—all of Mount Dennis, in other words. Still, it seems possible to make it quite small in size.

Great Mabruk power station
Great Mabruk power station, also 18MW


Recognizing the unpopularity of the power plant, Albanese says, 

I have been in contact and written to the Minister of Transportation and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change asking that they look into this issue, including making sure that all safety and environmental concerns are addressed and ensuring that alternative energy options are exhausted before going ahead with this proposal.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Gas plant details revealed”

  1. Mount Dennis And Weston will never move ahead. We have terrible leadership. This is another done deal.

  2. It always makes me laugh when they say, ‘wrote a letter or written something’. Why not arrange a personal one on one meeting or phone call at the very least and share the results with us. Writing something seems a nice way of saying ‘ive done something’. And if she was in ‘contact’, were any real concrete actions taken to follow-up? I just feel for something so big and potentially neighbourhood changing, her actions don’t amount to much. Of course, that’s based on what I’ve read here, so there may be more happening behind the scenes I’m not aware of. Disappointed by this gas plant decision really. They’re building a state of the art community centre to address health issues at Eglington and Black Creek, but then this beast of a gas plant will almost be on its door step with likely, a large smoke stack for scenery lol.

  3. Write a letter so she can say look what I did. Folks in this ward need to wake up and realize that you live in probably the most underserved ward in Toronto. Are we not the poorest already? So maybe we can also be the dirtiest ward as well……..might as well. Oh but I am sure they will tell us its a clean gas plant and eventually the UP Express will be electrified so don’t worry.

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