George Brown College takes the first steps to Weston campus

George Brown College wants to build a new campus in Weston. The province confirmed this week that the college had submitted an application for funding.

In May Councillor Nunziata wrote to John Milloy, the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, to recommend Weston for a campus. This week, Milloy responded, saying, in part, “George Brown College has submitted its capital project template, and … the proposal for a new campus in Weston has been included.”

Paul Bedford, former chief planner for the city of Toronto, had first proposed a Weston campus at a community meeting in May, as one of several other ideas for reinvigorating the town. He said then that “George Brown College has taken interest in expanding a campus to Weston, although talks are in early stages.”

Lately, the status of the talks had not been clear, but Nunziata says “this is no longer just an idea—there is now a plan”. Of course, there are several hurdles yet to be overcome, not the least of which is securing approval and financing from the government. The province is collecting proposals from all colleges this year and will announce its plans in 2011.

College staff have toured the roughly 75,000 square feet of empty retail space at 31–35 King, which has sat vacant for several years. It is not yet clear whether that space is still being considered, but a space of that size would, by your humble correspondent’s rough calculations, be able to hold about 1000 students (George Brown has 15,000 full-time students).

The potential new site for George Brown College's Weston campus

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. This will be a great benefit to the community. Let’s hope that everyone involved can make this work.

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