Gerard Kennedy joining Blue 22 opposition is reporting that Gerard Kennedy, a powerful Toronto MP and Weston resident, will be creating a group to lobby for electrification of GO Transit trains.

The group appears to be comprised of politicians, not citizens. So far, 12 MPs are members, but the group will be open to “representatives of all levels of government, including the school board”. While InsideToronto does not name the MPs, they are likely the same ones that opposed Metrolinx in the past. If so, Alan Tonks will be included.

In the past, Kennedy has been reluctant to oppose the Blue 22 train. It was only in October of last year that he voiced his opposition to the airport rail expansion; even then, he was irresolute. To now have him organizing opposition (and not merely joining it) will likely bring joy to advocates. It will also put Alan Tonks under pressure. Tonks has not fully opposed Metrolinx’s plans and has even supported the airport link in the past. Gerard Kennedy could end up representing Weston better than its elected MP does.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.