GFL did a fine job here

I rushed out this morning pushing my garbage bins through the rain to meet the truck. The man from GFL, who was obviously in a rush, greeted me kindly and waited a few moments extra to pick up my garbage–and he was gone in a flash.

This is the first round of privatized garbage pickup in Weston, and it went well on my driveway. Things have not gone quite as smoothly elsewhere, of course.

Any complaints from you, dear readers?

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

9 thoughts on “GFL did a fine job here”

  1. Well here on the Pelmo side of Weston many people’s garbage has not been picked up. I usually get mine picked up at 730 am. Here it is almost 330 pm and my garbage and lawn waste are still here.

  2. Ours went a little later than usual, but what a horrible morning to start the job!

    The men were friendly and uncomplaining when I stopped to moan briefly about the weather. The man loading the bins was cheerful and answered, “Don’t worry. We’ll get the job done.”

  3. Ours was finally picked up by 530. I didn’t get to talk to the guy but it’s the first time in YEARS that my garbage can was put properly back on the curb instead of ending up on the road.

  4. They were still collecting Church St at the park at 8:00 pm even though they did us on Rosemount at 7:30 am

  5. they came by too early on my street, many didn’t even have their bins out yet and didn’t get their waste picked up. people were fuming.

    i also noticed they threw the yard waste in with the garbage. that doesn’t seem very green for a company that has green in its name. hopefully it was a one time thing.

    and have you ever noticed how all the bins are flipped upside down and aligned in a perfect row on etobicoke streets. we didn’t get that treatment. maybe it was just marketing on ford’s & the private sector’s part so that we would be more accepting of privatization. now that it’s here, i guess the romance is gone. i was expecting better quality of service.

    P.S, what happened to all the new city garbage trucks our tax dollars payed for? did we sell them for pennies on the dollar? wait until we lose our means to collect garbage. the honeymoon will be over and the private sector will have us by the balls. i hope we keep some capacity to be self sufficient so we have a bargaining chip. it’s all about balance.

  6. They picked up the trash about 4pm here in Pelmo Park. They didn’t pick up the yard waste. But wasn’t the reason to get and paid for the City trash bins is so they can have one-man trucks? I saw one guy dumping the bin into the truck one driving. I can’t stand those neighbor wakes me up at 6am rolling his bins down his driveway!

  7. OMG, you people complain a lot about nothing. Who cares if the garbage isn’t picked up at the same time as it was before. Did it get picked up? Yes! That’s great. Things will be different since it’s a different company. Give them a chance people….it’s the first day on the job. It might take a couple weeks for them to get into a rhythm.

  8. Our Friday garbage and compost pick up was flawless and early, pick up was at 7:30 am. No yard waste pick up on Friday. Queen/Elm area

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