Gift ideas for your favourite Westonian

If, like me, you’ve left the Christmas shopping a little late, all is not lost. Far from it!

Squibb’s has a lot of great gifts–I scooped up a couple of mugs my kids decorated for their teachers. They are cute as anything (mugs, not kids) if I do say so: the munchkins write or draw on the porcelain then you bake the ink on with 15 minutes in the oven.[1]

Suri also sells Squibb’s honey, perfect for soothing a throat sore from four months of keeping your little monster in line, and if hand-drawn mugs aren’t your thing, there are also has a some other great, pre-drawn options.

Squibb’s also carries a selection of books with local connections, among them the The CCM Story, The Great Escape, The Barefoot Bingo Caller and Fifth Business–doubtless Weston’s biggest billing until I finish my own novel, about a boy, Thomas, who climbs into a crate of styrofoam pellets and travels the world in a closed cardboard box. I’m calling it “En Cherche Du Tom Perdu”.


You’re running out of time for delivery, but if you’re willing to drive, I can heartily recommend the Jelly Brothers printed maps of Weston and Mount Dennis. They’re gorgeous.  I love mine.


Daniel Rotsztain has created a set of pretty line-drawings of each of Toronto’s library branches, including those in Mount Dennis and Weston.

They’re also available in a colouring book!


[1] My son, demonstrating a wisdom beyond his years, resisted the urge to write “I Am Farting!” on the bottom of his teacher’s mug, to be displayed to the class every time she took a sip. Well done, Sam. You’re a better man already than I’ll ever be.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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