Albanese has been busy

While things are likely to get even busier now that Dalton McGuinty has resigned, Laura Albanese has been busy this week. Today she helped the Minister of International Trade and  provincial Minister of Economic Development kick off small business week at a shoe factory near Weston. They were there to “[highlight] the benefits a Canada-EU trade and economic agreement would generate for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and their workers” in Canada.

Today Albanese also gave GO a bit of a stern talking-to for the bikes being stolen at Weston Station. A resident contacted her after the resident’s bike was stolen. In her letter to GO, Albanese said,

A lack of deterrents to these thefts could be part of this problem, as a criminal can easily assume that the owner of the bike is a train ride away, coupled with a lack of direct security or surveillance systems specific to this site.

Through my discussions with constituents on this matter, l would like you to consider their suggestion that adding bike lockers to Weston Station will help to curb this problem and give people peace of mind.

Late last week, Albanese and Dr Eric Hoskins, Minister of Child and Youth Services, announced funding for 20 youth outreach workers for Toronto. The outreach workers are meant to stem youth violence in the wake of the Danzig Street shootings, but they were announced at the Jane Street Hub in Weston, because, according to InsideToronto

While Danzig Street and the Eaton Centre were the scenes of recent prominent gun violence, Hoskins told The Guardian he made the announcement in York because he is impressed with the work seven youth outreach workers based out of Yorktown Child and Family Services at the Jane Street Hub are doing with youth in the under-serviced communities of Weston-Mount Dennis and Mt. Olive-Silverston-Jamestown.

“It’s not just all going to communities which have the greatest or more recent violence. This is a perfect example. Look at the amazing work that is going on here (in York),” he said, adding he has spent time speaking with youth in Scarborough.

“It’s not just about guns and gangs. It is seeking out communities where youth need support. They need mentorship and networking and support from these amazing youth outreach workers.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. It’ll be interesting what type of shift the provincial Liberals see with a change in leadership. Ultimately, though, Laura is going to have to continue doing things like the above to ensure that she wins again. And especially she’ll be facing a stiff challenger in the next election — which will likely be held sooner rather than later.Report

  2. This is window-dressing, jumping on the band-wagon, the kind of thing that Albanese does — like the photo-op with McGuinty-the-bold for the ARL that by-passed her constituency.Report

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