GO looking for input on noise walls

GO Transit is looking for community input on the noise walls they will be installing along the Georgetown tracks, including through Weston. The walls are already controversial and are being actively opposed by communities further south along the tracks; in some places in Weston, the noise walls will be enormous: 15 feet high.

Cement wall
Possible wall design


Mock wall to show size of actual walls to be built. Photo: Scott Dobson

GO is forming three Weston-area groups for community input

  • Jane St. to Lawrence Ave.
  • Lawrence Ave. W. to King St.
  • Church St. to Humber River Bridge

They say you can

Join a committee and have your say in shaping how the noise wall in your neighbourhood gets integrated into the surrounding community.

Interested residents, who must live or work within 200m of the corridor, may call 416-581-1300 to join up.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “GO looking for input on noise walls”

  1. These are the final product? Looks like they came from junk yard. Putting this monstrosity up proves how noisy these diesel trains are going to be.

  2. Sorry. I’ve changed the post to make it more clear. The black inflatable mattresses are to show scale, and they came from the Clean Train Facebook group. The possible designs above will be made of concrete or cement. I hope that’s more clear.

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