GO releases drafts of tunnel design

GO has made put drawings of the proposed Weston tunnel up on its website. Drafts of the station are also available.

In your humble correspondent’s opinion, the tunnel is, well… quite ugly. The cap is a concrete pad, with no apparent recreational, aesthetic, or environmental value. GO has placed six small planters in the design but left a long expanse of unadorned concrete.

There are long braces at either end of the tunnel. These are to stop the tunnel from collapsing inward, but they also seem an invitation to tragedy: they are an irresistible bridge over moving trains. Even I, who certainly know better, would be tempted to feel the thrill of having trains pass by metres underfoot. I suggest it will not be long until a young person is spotted there for the first time and that it will be only shortly later that someone falls.

The tunnel at Church St
The tunnel at King

As has been previously mentioned, the new station will be south of Lawrence at Weston Road. The website does not have a markup of the actual building, but it appears that the platform will be built in three stages and will have two parking lots.

The northern lot will be in the vacant space between the two churches. The southern lot appears to be where the old, empty Price Chopper sits. Again, your humble reporter wonders whether the community really needs more parking lots; perhaps it would be best to have a parking garage of double density in only one of the locations.

I welcome your views in the comments.

Northern parking lot
Southern parking lot

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “GO releases drafts of tunnel design”

  1. You must be joking. Right now the tracks are fully expose and people and kids have to walk over them. Burying the train is a fantastic solution –safer and improves the look of the rail corridor.

    1. The choice is not between what we have now and what GO proposes. That’s a false dichotomy. So while the small tunnel may be a small improvement, a large tunnel would be large improvement, in your humble reporter’s view.

    2. I should also point out that not all of the tracks will be buried. People and kids will still have to cross the tracks, I believe.

  2. The work will be a monumental improvement to the rail line. Your right – the freight train tracks will not be buried, but the tracks covering GO, VIA and soon ARL will be and that is a significant improvement to saftey, noise and the look of the rail corridor which right now depressing.

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