GO would like to be clear about ongoing work

Your humble correspondent doubts that this will make things better, but GO Transit would like to be a bit more clear about the construction work that will happen at night and on the weekends this summer:

  • The work will happen 4m below ground in the lowered part of the corridor at King Street
  • It will be pouring and shooting concrete, digging, and shoring up the excavation
  • Noise will be reduced after 9 pm, and no trucks will leave the site after 7 pm.


  • 20130804_Extended Hours__April_Update_FINAL

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “GO would like to be clear about ongoing work”

  1. I understand there are highly paid professionals working in the community offices for Metrolinx; surely they could have been “clear” earlier than the day after extended construction hours have started.

    This is all window dressing and a mighty shabby job it is: this project has from the start shown contempt for the communities along the railway line and hired community liaison officers instead of providing jobs that could make the community a better place.

  2. But wait, is “pouring and shooting concrete” a quiet activity? Why should we feel better?

    And to promise dust mitigation “will continue” (today a man at John and another at Church with a broom) isn’t reassuring either.

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