Good Food Box delivers to Weston!

I know it can feel a bit like Soviet Russia now, what with all the shortages and lineups. So, do I have exciting news for you. There is an organization that will deliver food to your door, for cheap, with no rationing or lineups—and it’s not owned by a billionaire. It’s the Good Food Box program run by FoodShare.

The Good Food Box delivers fresh produce once a week to homes around Toronto. (Weston’s delivery date is Thursday). They have a range of options, from $15 (small) to $38 (organic), but to my eye, the sweet spot is the large produce box ($22) with a loaf of bread ($5).

FoodShare also offers meat boxes—alas, not an option for us. Stupid vegetarians.

Good Food Box

FoodShare is waiving the usual small delivery fee until April to respond to COVID. They aren’t making a lot of money on their deliveries, though, so they ask you to consider buying a loaf of bread or some meat to help them out.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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