Green Candidate

The federal Greens have announced their candidate for York South–Weston: Nicki Ward.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Ward is a “marketing expert in the financial services sector, a social justice advocate, [and] a professional writer”. She is also a performer, poet, and trans-rights activist.

In the past, she has run for councillor in the University–Rosedale riding and fought a tough battle to be the Liberal candidate in Toronto Centre (she lost both races against high-profile candidates).

Confusingly, her website says that she is seeking the nomination in “ottawa” [sic], and also in York South–Weston. Gary’s got it.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Green Candidate”

  1. Certainly, it would have been more clear if the printed campaign message read something like,
    “..we need Nicki Ward to represent our (York South-Weston) interests, in Ottawa.”

    Nevertheless, for some of us the more important question that requires an answer,
    “Despite previous attempts to serve in the downtown core, does Ms. Ward have a vested interest in this riding & actually live in any part of York South-Weston?”

    Just wondering.

  2. She’s lovely – I’ve spoken with her a couple of times now. I was, though, pretty blunt about her being a ‘parachute’ candidate and she’s not unaware of that uphill battle – she lives downtown. I found she does listen and asks thoughtful questions, so that’s a plus. But not voting Green for personal reasons.

    It’s gonna be an interesting debate!

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