Greenland Farm to develop old Loblaws site.

Greenland Farm Supermarket in January 2016 (File).

Greenland Farm at 1956-1966 Weston Road is a one-store supermarket that occupies a site once used for the same purpose by Loblaws many years ago. If you like fish, or a wide variety of products from all over the world, then GF is a great place to shop. It has for example, more types of hot sauce than you would find in a lifetime of searching through any chain supermarket.

It turns out that the owner would like to develop the site which is quite large as it includes the supermarket itself and a fairly substantial parking lot also fronting onto Weston Road. According to the latest newsletter from Councillor Frances Nunziata, there is interest in, “…redeveloping the site with commercial uses at grade level and residential above.”

Greenland Farms occupies a large site and parking lot in downtown Weston (from Google Maps). Click to enlarge.

In many ways, this is a vote of confidence in Weston but the quality of the proposal, the appropriate use of land and the height of the residential component will need to be carefully scrutinized.

A meeting will be held to discuss the owner’s thoughts and for residents to provide feedback so that a submission proposal can eventually be drawn up and presented to the City (which will be represented at the meeting).

In the formative stages of this idea it’s probably a huge opportunity for Weston residents to make their ideas and opinions count.

The meeting will be held at the York West Active Living Centre, located at 1901 Weston Road.

  • Date: Tuesday, August 29
  • Time 7:00 pm
  • Location: 1901 Weston Road

7 thoughts on “Greenland Farm to develop old Loblaws site.”

  1. Get ready for another low income rental building…….I see the bakery is leaving Weston Rd, TD bank and BMO next up……

    1. Depending on what they propose, the supermarket itself will probably be closed for two years. Construction on that section of Main Street / Weston Road will no doubt make things difficult for adjacent businesses. It remains to be seen if the owner has plans for a supermarket in the new building.

  2. Well now, did any of you concerned, altruistic Westonians actually attend the meeting on Tuesday evening which revealed the conceptual proposal from the ownership group?



    Seeing that it was an important conceptual proposal to make a change to a central chunk of Main Street, the turn out to hear the idea was really rather small, which is very much a shame considering Weston’s continuing struggles.

    I sometimes get the sense that some complainers have difficulty setting aside their partisan loyalties on various subjects and would rather endure a root canal than attend a certain elected representative’s public meeting.

    Too bad.

    Wasn’t a bad idea.

    What do they say about elections & voters, or should that be, those who fail to take the time to get involved and vote?
    (If you don’t vote, perhaps you have no right to complain??)

    Is it any different when it comes to this type of public meeting which may make a community more aware of an important investment proposal that may greatly influence a positive change to a very sad & tired community?

    And, what’s that other saying..
    “money talks and bull spit walks.”

    Anyway, just wondering.

    1. You’re absolutely right about the turnout for the meeting and I’m one of the guilty. I don’t have an excuse. Having neglected to mark the event on my calendar, I remembered the meeting too late.
      All that being said, I think people get very discouraged by the process which is stacked in favour of development at any price. Many must feel that it’s not worth bothering since many major decisions are made without community input, behind closed doors.

    2. Sounds like one of the usual suspects complaining……why bother going to a meeting, when its already done? Just like Satin Finish…love how the owner destroyed the heritage building and covered the spot up – basically giving the usual suspects of Weston the middle finger.

  3. Roy,

    Not only do I appreciate your efforts & reporting skills, I also truly appreciate your sincerity & candour.

    Quite honestly, who gets to every little meeting to fight every little battle.

    Gotta pick ’em, right?

    Frankly, you and Adam are quite consistent trying to deliver awareness updates for all to see on this web page, at a very affordable price, too.

    And, Weston is better for it.

    Please, don’t give up.

    As for lost relics, like the so-called heritage site on Oak Street?

    That modest bit of architecture had been quite lonely in that old industrial area since many of it’s neighbours left Weston – like Canadian Gypsum, A.P. Green Brick Refractory, Wood’s Trucking, that gigantic, old airport hangar/warehouse thingy that Steve Stavros turned into a Knob Hill Farms location, etc., it’s a wonder that Satin Finish remained that long.

    With respect, Oak Street/Gary Drive is not exactly the same as Main Street in the heart of the old village of Weston.

    And, like many historic communities, still tries to maintain a Memorial park, no matter what some people think of the war efforts, then & now.

    We might not win the battle to preserve or enhance Weston to everyone’s satisfaction, but if the heart of town is not attended to properly – flexing & adapting with the times – we may as well get used to that, York, Ontario postal address, foisted upon us years ago.

    I still prefer,

    Weston, Ontario
    M9N 3C3

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