Greenland Farm Update.

Thanks to a lapse in memory, I wasn’t able to attend Tuesday’s meeting to hear plans by the owner of 1965 Weston Road. Marion at Weston’s BIA, helped out by getting me in touch with Grenville Dungey who was there and kindly shared his impressions. Here are some of Gren’s take-aways of the proposal.

The proposal is in its very earliest stages. There was a conceptual drawing but nothing else. The basic idea is for a 6-story podium building with 4 floors residential and 2 floors of retail. On top of the podium would be a residential tower that would have a smaller footprint taking the height up to 28 storeys. Residential units would be mainly one and two-bedroom with some bachelor apartments. The owner said that wind tunnel tests would be performed on models of the tower to make sure that the building didn’t create undue wind patterns.

Gren got the impression that the owner is very keen to have community input but the owner also said that if the numbers don’t work, it won’t get built. (I’m interpreting that to mean the height of the building). There would be underground parking for residents which would be accessed from the Lawrence Avenue entrance to the site.

The next meeting with more concrete ideas will be sometime next spring. If building starts it will possibly be around 2020 before anything gets started and the construction might take between 30 and 36 months.

My Comments:

What does the City of Toronto say about that part of Weston?

Back in 2004, the City put into place guidelines for Weston, designed (among many other things) to stop further deterioration of Weston Road into a high-rise corridor. It stipulated that new buildings along the Weston Road Corridor where the GF building now stands, should be limited to a maximum of 8 storeys. Reading the guidelines almost makes one despair at the lost opportunities as they have been totally ignored in the intervening years.

No doubt the current owner bought the site for the purpose of making money by developing to a height far beyond the guidelines. When people spend money on a property, they perform some due diligence to make sure that their plans are achievable. It seems there must be high confidence that 28 stories will pass muster at council.

Incidentally, the Greenland Farm people no longer own the building and have put the business up for sale.

The current listing for the business. From


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  1. The John St development will serve as the precedent at the OMB for this and others to go above the 8 stories. You can’t approve one 30 story site 200 metres away and expect to prohibit this one.

  2. Try walking up King St from Weston and escape wind tunnels, from built environment.
    Why would Weston Rd be any different? This is an unnecessary ignoring guidelines aimed at making a walkable, liveable neighbourhood, not a line of tall apartment buildings on an already congested street.
    Where’s Nunziata in this?

  3. Weston has too many usual suspects that think they know it all….well, here comes another crappy build for Weston… the building going to be designed with nice looking bricks to match up with the properties along the street or will it be stucco, again more 1 bedroom units…weston should be building higher end units, more expensive units. We have enough low income housing, even john street is being sold as affordable housing and these same usual suspects of Weston APPROVED more affordable housing in Weston!!!

  4. If you actually attended the meeting, I am sure the tune would be much different. This is a great add to the Weston community. FRESH AIR to an otherwise drab, dated, and neglected Weston strip.

    1. Ya Gary just like John st building….not sure where you live but Weston Rd looks worse than it did 15 years ago and this is after real estate boom in Toronto.

  5. I have to agree with Gary.

    You should attend these types of meetings if you want to make a fair comment on these issues.

    It’s evident here that some are not fans of the current sitting councillor or mayor – who from this perspective, are both seemingly, tireless workers.

    She’s giving us an opportunity to participate – by setting up & hosting a forum for discussion.

    And he, the mayor is ever present, hard working & invested, too – hardly, a Ford nation type.

    Both thankless jobs, really when dealing with partisan extremes.

    If you would have attended the meeting, you’d have heard many ideas & concerns discussed by a small group of locals, at this introductory stage – including that very important concern about the wind tunnelling issue.

    The client’s team of architects seems well aware of what happens when a tall building is poorly designed.

    Consequently, they designed an interesting & somewhat attractive building that would prevent that gigantic swirl of wind from beating down on Weston Road, as it does on King St. and elsewhere around the city.

    In general, the design idea they presented for consideration might just kick start and add to the main street’s tired facade, with hopes of attracting additional quality investment – a brand name grocery partnership to go along with decent, residential ownership opportunities.

    However, as it stands, it’s a gamble.

    And, long time business owners & residents of Weston understand that, all too well.

    But again, at this point in the discussion, it’s merely a “concept” which needs good & proper support to move forward – or it’s dead in the water.

    So, in conclusion we all need to invest a little more of our time – by attending important, community changing meetings which might help promote positive change – understandably a somewhat, relative term, to be sure.

    It’s tough to go it alone.

    It takes an invested village – with pride of ownership to propel it toward brighter days.

    Carpe diem, Weston.

  6. I was away for this meeting but hope to be able to attend the next one. I agree that 28 storeys seems high…Weston road isn’t very wide to begin with and there are already so many tall buildings it starts to take away from the village vibe that Weston has the potential for. Something more low rise might be a better fit. Places like the junction, roncesvalles and west king west have similar low rise buildings and restrictions on how high buildings can be. It makes it feel more like a quaint neighborhood.

    On another note, it would be wonderful to have a brand name grocery store with some prepared meals. Makes it easy to hop off the train and grab dinner on the way home. Hopefully at least part of the proposal will be a go!

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