Greenland Farms update

Weston Asset Management, the builders behind the Greenland Farms development, have released their plans for the site. Count me among the unimpressed.

The developers would like to build two 29-storey towers from a shared podium.  The towers would be built upon the façade of some of the buildings along Weston Road.

To my eye, the buildings are uninventive, large, and rather ugly. I don’t like how they assimilate and loom over the older heritage buildings—it’s too literal an image of parasitic Toronto absorbing Weston for me to stomach.


Photos from the application

The building will have “592 residential units and 3991 square metres of non-residential space” with “174 vehicle parking spaces and 463 bicycle parking spaces” below ground.

I’m not designer, but I’d love to see a lower, broader building that looks repurposed from industry. It would be more true to our roots and look unlike the downtown glass canyons.

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Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

22 thoughts on “Greenland Farms update”

  1. and lets not forget its another rental tower…ALL RENTAL UNITS….ask yourself, does Weston need more RENTAL units?

  2. Yikes.
    How are 174 vehicle parking spaces going to accommodate 592 residential units?!
    Will the underground parking ramp spill out directly onto Weston Rd like so many other buildings, further causing traffic issues in an already congested and limited roadway?
    Are they anticipating the other 400+ people will be cyclists and transit users?
    Does the area really have the infrastructure to support the influx of this many additional people?

    1. Less parking means more people taking transit. Which means less people causing traffic.

    2. The plans indicate vehicular access to the complex will via Lawrence thru what is now a laneway that connects Lawrence to weston via the parking lot next to the old supermarket.

  3. To: ainthatthetruth – if you had read some of the documentation on the link Adam provided, you would see in the planning justification report it clearly stated that the project will be a condominium. Yes the possibility does exist where some of the units could be rented out (hopefully not short term rentals). BTW have you checked out rental rates in the City? Thay ain’t cheap. It should be noted that development applications like these are much more common throughout the City in part because Provincial Policy DICTATES it. Weston is a good place for intensification, we have easy TTC, GO, UPX and highway access; lots of accessible green space, and relatively decent schools. Shopping and Services could improve though. I am glad to see new development come into our tired community. The only way to bring more affordable housing into Toronto is by building up. This project is proposing a mix of 1-3 bdrm units. The unit sizes might be small compared to the buildings built in the 50’and 60’s, but really how different are they than the 600 sq foot bungalows scattered through Weston that still exist today and house families? Development applications like this one should be seen as an opportunity to improve our community to help make it one of the most desirable neighbourhoods. So instead of complaining – PLEASE get involved first by reading all the application materials; ask to be added to the list of persons wishing to be notified of public consultations etc, speak to Frances, city staff, the developer’s representatives – ask questions to get answers, consider what they say and make your legitimate concerns known. Don’t gripe. Participate to facilitate effective change.

    1. 20+ year weston resident who lives on the east side of the tracks, oh please what BS are you feeding us……its a rental tower.
      secondly Weston has a tonne and I mean a tonne of rental units already with questionable owners.

      John St was built even though many opposed it and has it improved anything in Weston????The building already looks like crap up close.

      You speak of the 50’s and 60’s…well look around to what the 60’s and 70’s did to Weston Rd……you can see the results of the past “intensification” results….

    2. I am happy to see this project. What I am hoping is the the builder is also directed to provide some subsidized units. I have also been a 20+ yrs resident in this community. I was able to buy under 200k back then. I love this community, the diversity the people all of it..toronto has become unattainable for most and that is my only fear is that new buildings come in and push people out who cant afford to buy so I do hope there are affordable units being directed…I am so tired and sad to watch greed take over everything. Builders, owners can still make money without asking people to choose between eating or a roof.

  4. I think people really need to get beyond the rental vs condo debate. My problem is that this is an ugly architectural monstrosity that will make that stretch of Weston even less desirable. I’d also hate to be in one of those lovely single family homes on Little Avenue that will now lose a lot of natural light in the shadows of 29 storeys! I’d rather see a much shorter building that also gradually sets back from the street the higher you go. Done properly, it could be a positive development. I don’t consider these initial plans proper or positive.

  5. Quite frankly, while I’d love to see the building be a bit shorter, I don’t hate the design. I know new developments in this city generally need to either designate a portion of the property to green space or contribute to development within a local pre-existing green space. I’d love to know more about that. I would strongly consider buying in this building — the less parking spaces than units is pretty typical of new developments although this seems like very few parking spaces. I could see them only selling parking spaces to purchasers buying a 3 bedroom unit.

    Also…very clearly a condo. Oh well…im sure they’ll eventually figure it out 🙂

  6. Ok Westonians, you have some initial concerns, so now is the time to read up on project and get involved to help make it a better project for our community, whether it be its height, appearance etc. It does not matter whether you live east or west of the tracks. It is your community to nurture and help grow into a even better community. Change has been occurring and more will be coming. The hospital site, the vacant site on Oak Street, the potential redevelopment of the Crossroads Centre (will be a long time coming but Smart Centres is looking at redeveloping all of their shopping centres to include housing). A lot of tired neighbourhoods in Toronto have been improving with the influx of new housing and re-development over the last 30 years- The Junction, Roncesvalles Village, Dufferin Grove to name a few. Please don’t sit back and do nothing!

    1. everywhere else in Toronto improved, all while Weston became worse….lack of leadership.

        1. I am actually because everyone agrees with that comment…!
          Way to contribute anonymous…..

    2. Thank you and that is what we need to do.

      Weston Web helps us be informed but we all need to act and think long-term as well.

  7. the buildings that are incorporated are not historical??? why because they are 100 yrs old….they are ugly. What significance are they? The entire building should be brick with the bottom completely reserved for retail if there is going to be any chance at revitalizing weston rd.

  8. From the images, this proposed 2 towered monstrosity dwarfs all the older buildings in the area, including the Westlaw building, just a few doors down.

    And, it’s not that small.

    Nor is that relatively new condo development on Lawrence Ave. right behind the proposal site – which exists parallel to this development’s driveway. It’d look the same as the Westlaw, small – not to mention all the teeny-tiny neighbours on this large parcel of land from Weston Road to Lawrence Ave. And, Lawrence toward the Humber River bridge and then back around on Little Avenue to Weston Road.

    It’s project is large & chunky.

    But, how ‘bout this..
    When that Lawrence Ave. West condo development was doing their proposal dance for the Councillor & the City a few years back, they wanted tall and chunky, too. Not very inspiring, much like this one, perhaps.

    After a certain amount of community discussion, they agreed to amend their plans & design enough to fit into the gradual sloping of the land – architecturally, rolling down toward the river & valley.

    They terraced.

    Would it look not look more attractive in this river valley if it were designed with terraced floors, with a flowing downward illusion toward the river, too?

    A terraced design would certainly be more unique & complimentary to the natural geography here on the edge of the Humber River valley – as well as the development’s lower levelled neighbours.

    So, in the end what’s I going to be?

    Will the final design be a unique, architecturally flowing & creative design with a more reasonable overall stature?

    Or will it be the one that many fear in this area, the massive “Wam-bam, Thank you, Mam” development project that falls short of hopes, dreams & expectations for the old village?

    In this obese world, does it have to be super-sized?

    1. This is definitely the way forward with increasing density, terracing and allowing community input.

      The condo development also contributed the bandshell in Little Ave Park which is getting good use by Shakespeare in Action.

      The Weston Rd streetscape and retail opportunities need more input from the community before the developers do their worst.

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