Guest Editorial: Burning bridges

Robin Breon sends in this guest editorial on the John Street bridge.

What can I say? The bridge is still not open. An agreement between the City and Metrolinx regarding servicing, maintenance, liability, etc. has not yet been reached. The City has asked Metrolinx to open it for public use while terms of the agreement are being finalized – Metrolinx has refused.–Frances Nunziata

It seems to me that the John Street Bridge is a good metaphor regarding what has been plaguing the entire progress of mass transit issues within the GTA and that is, the catastrophic bungling from Metrolinx over the past several years with the UP Express itself being a prime example of gross mismanagement.

Metrolinx first fought with the city over the building of the Weston Tunnel and the John Street overpass. Now they are fighting with the city over servicing, maintenance, and ongoing liability issues for the John Street bridge. If Metrolinx doesn’t want ongoing responsibility for its projects then it should be abolished as an agency and this important infrastructure work should be handed over to the TTC where it properly belongs (including the UP Express). Why do we continue to let precious taxpayer dollars go toward incompetent executive managers like Robert Pritchard and Bruce McCuaig ($363,403 per annum, not counting the bonus!), when they can’t even build an overpass across a railroad track! It simply beggars belief!

I suggest we in Weston organize a demonstration every Saturday at noon at the chain link fence on John Street at the site of the cultural hub/Artscape construction until we get our bridge opened to the public—who paid for it. I’m sure we could get press coverage for our efforts and at the same time highlight the greater problems facing mass transit within the GTA as long as it remains in the fumbling hands of Metrolinx managers.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: Burning bridges”

  1. In the end it remains an ugly bridge. Lets start a petition…Keep the ugly bridge closed!

  2. Shaming Metrolinx, and their money wasting ways with tax dollars: get the press, get the politicians, make noise. It’s our money and our community disrupted for years and still cut in two.
    And to come, more construction for 30-storey tower …!

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