Happy birthday to us


We’re six! That, I believe, makes us the longest-lived bloggers on the internet.

Seriously, though, we’ve….

  • Published 2,220 posts
  • Been viewed more than 261,000 times
  • Served way more than 76,000 people
  • Repelled 1,919 hacks

We’ve also had about 1002 funs.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to us”

  1. Happy Birthday to You! Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Michelle and I moved into Weston last summer. We started reading the blog well before we got here and we check in regularly each week. Speaking for Michelle for I am sure she would concur, you’ve made our transition much easier. One of the major reasons why we are proud of where we live is because of this blog and how much you two, Adam and Roy, care about this community. Thanks,


  2. Six! Wonderful, always, and your work in digging out and deftly analyzing what matters for the community are a great gift to Weston.
    Adam, Roy: hooray!

  3. Happy Birthday! To six years and many more. Thanks Adam and Roy. You guys do an amazing job at keeping the neighbourhood informed. Keep u the great work!

  4. Well done, Adam and Roy! Don’t always agreed with you — well, mostly Roy 🙂 — but you do a wonderful job of keeping the community informed. Keep up this great labour of love!

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